Saturday 3 May 2014

Good News

Just a quick update folks. Especially at this time of night. Glenn has been found, alive and well. Wants a bit of privacy is all.

So, a happy ending. Thanks for caring and sharing, folks, good to know so many people are willing to  give a shit.


Thursday 1 May 2014


Hi everybody,

Many of you will know Glenn Payne, he's a member of the Guild of Beer Writers and knows more people in the beer & food industries than most of us meet people in a lifetime.

No-one has heard from or seen Glenn since he left The Rake on Sunday night. If you HAVE seen or heard from him please call the Utobeer office and let us know where : 020 7378 9461 - ask for me - Glyn. 

Glenn - should you happen to read this, please get in contact!