Thursday 23 April 2015

Beer & Football

Bit of a rant at my football club, sorry my beloved Dons but you need to wise-up and you won't listen.

For some time now there has been a growing number of fans who have been unhappy with the beer selection at the club on match days and whilst there has been a small amount of improvement it needs to be rather more progressive in my opinion. Friends of mine who are far better known and respected at the football club have tried making suggestions but they are basically falling on deaf ears.
I once took an ale back to the bar because it was quite clearly off and i was basically ignored by the bar manager who was even overheard later that day slagging off my friends and i to another member of staff behind our backs. Pretty childish if you ask me.

Now i understand that there are reasons for the beers we have on the bar and most of them are monetary; fine, the club needs the cash, we're a small club and tend to exercise more caution than most when it comes to finances because we're fan owned; but please do not blow smoke up our collective arses by sending out a survey that is badly written, not well thought out and generally lacking in any solid beer knowledge!

You can find the survey here Dons fans and i urge you all if you know anything about beer to use the comments boxes when choosing because the choices you're given are just awful.

My need to re-fire the blog came from the following points on the survey....

Question 8. For a session beer i would rather drink...
1) Carlsberg @ £3.30/pint
2) Carling @ £3.40/pint
3) Fosters @ £3.50/pint
4) I don't drink session beers.

NOT ALL SESSION BEERS ARE SHITTY MASS PRODUCED LAGERS! How about asking someone who knows about beer for an opinion and you'll probably get some cracking session beers in!

Question 9. My Favourite 2 premium beers are...
1) San Miguel
2) Kronenberg 1664
3) Stella Artois
4) Grolsch
5) Heineken
6) Peroni Draught
7) Budweiser Draught
8) Other, please specify....

You want me to answer this? OK None, they're all shit mass produced lagers; i know, shocking right?

Question 10. I would describe our ale selection as...
1) Great, a football stadium serving three different ales from three different breweries every match day is perfect.
2) OK, 3 different ales is good but it's two of the same breweries every week.
3) Bad, the ales are all too similar and never really change.
4) I never even look at the ales.

Two things on this last question which is far to narrow in it's choice of answers.

Firstly - from the wording of the rest of the questions you(the club) think that ales and beers are two different things. They're not, please ask someone with a bit of knowledge before wording the survey!

Secondly - In principal i agree with option 1 and option 3 and therefore generally act on option 4.
Any football club that dedicates 3 different ales on a match day should be applauded; however! The ales are far too similar and the plough lane ale isn't even brewed in London to my knowledge, it's just another disgusting Marstons product! Other two ales are also generally on the 'twiggy' side and completely uninteresting so i tend to go to a local 'spoons beforehand and have a few Brewdog Punk IPA's with friends. The beer is tastier and cheaper.

Rant over. I love my Wombles but when it comes to beer they're utterly clueless.