Thursday 19 April 2012

Have You Seen This Van

Ok, as some of you will know, yesterday, Brodies Brewery had their delivery van stolen.

Stolen, with The Rake's order on board.

So, if any of you happen to see this van around London today, and with all the Brodies branding on the sides, it's not hard to miss, please inform the police. Breweries in Britain have a hard enough time as it is without mindless idiots stealing their property as well!

Monday 16 April 2012

Pitchforks at the Ready!

Bit of over the top Neo-prohibitionism for you to liven up your Monday

This afternoon, Redchurch Brewery in East London, posted this on twitter. It is a petition to stop them being granted a license to sell alcohol offsales.

Now, let's for a minute put aside the fact that whoever typed up this nonsense is barely literate and concentrate on some facts.

Redchurch want the license so they can sell to the public between the hours of ...
11am - 4pm Saturday
9am - 6pm Monday - Friday.

Hardly what I'd call 'late night' or antisocial. And as for talking about abusing children, I don't think that Redchurch have any plans to add that to the license, indeed that's a ridiculous conclusion to come to.

This is the sort of reaction I would expect from an uneducated redneck like Joe McCarthy 50 years ago when communists were everywhere and they were all out to get him! Isn't it ironic that he too, died of alcoholism, just like so many of those innocent underage children are going to. Puurrrrleeesse. 

I can understand that they might think their little darlings will get abused and molested by CAMRA members trying to get their hands on some beer, after all they dress as an homage to Fritzel and wear their beards like Shipman so they can seem a bit scary at times, but really most of them are quite harmless and indeed are very friendly(for the most part), even if they do smell of wee.

I'm also wondering how Redchurch got their hands on this...Any enlightenment, Gary?

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Heineken, Shaken then Shotgunned

Well well well, just found this story on twitter. Possibly the most depressing thing I have ever read.

Apparently the James Bond franchise has signed a 15 year deal with beer giant Heineken that begins with the new film, Skyfall. So 007 will be drinking Lager instead of his legendary Martini, shaken not stirred.

Rubbish. I really cannot fathom how franchised everything is becoming, I find it really depressing. First football(Milton Keynes SCUM), now Britiains most iconic film franchise has been re-franchised.

Awful news. Whilst it depresses me, I am not surprised. Money makes the world go around I guess. *crawls back under rock and slits wrists*


Tonight sees the launch of the Ilkley Brewery/Melissa Cole collaboration Siberia. It's a Saison that's been made with Siberian Rhubarb and personally I can't wait to taste it.
If you feel like joining the fun there will be four pubs doing the launch in London, here they are with the times the Melissa Cole cavalcade will be arriving at them...

The Bull, Highgate, 5.30pm
The Southampton Arms, 6.45pm
Draft House, Tower Bridge, 8.15pm
The Rake, 9.30pm.

The other reason I wanted to try this beer is that with my oncoming 38th birthday this month, i'm going to be in need of some male menopause remedies fairly soon......

Anything you want to tell us Melissa?