Saturday 30 April 2011

Let Me Ask You a Question.

I apparently now have over 100 followers on this blog, and whilst I love that fact, I rarely get any real insight into you lot. So I'd like to ask you a simple question....

What is your favourite beer and why? It could be for any reason, any time, any place, the perfect beer moment, I'd love to hear from you...

Let me get the ball rolling and say probably my perfect beer moment was the first beer after I helped brew the Motley Brew with the Otley guys a couple of years ago. The beer was Otley O1 and it was the biggest thirst quencher I have ever had after a really hard days graft, it was in the great surroundings of the Bunch of Grapes pub in Pontypridd. No better pint have I had, ever.

Looking forward to some good stories folks!

Wednesday 20 April 2011

In My Manor : Take 2

Chilled music greet me as I wander into the Manor Arms in Streatham, the newly refurbed pub is open and I'm after a cold beer on a hot day!
There's no-one else in the pub but then it is only 12.30pm, perfection for me anyway, I like having the place to myself!
The barman was busy cleaning when I walked up to the bar and the snapping closed of my sunnies are all he needs to alert him to my presence(told ya it was quiet).
I ordered an Anchor Liberty, I knew this would become my go-to drink whenever I come in here, it reminds me of being back in San Francisco, especially with weather like this! It's the most consistent of the Anchor range and it's damn fine beer!
The garden patio is decked out with lots of antique cream furniture which is more comfortable than it looks! I imagine when we get lots of hot, steamy evening, this patio will be one of the busiest places in Streatham and quite right too, there are some houses just across the road though, so not sure what time it'll have to close in the evenings.
With the smell of the very nice food being prepped in the large open kitchen, this place is really inviting and I for one will definately be back. Love it.

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Others Like Me

I have only known you for a couple of years but in that time I have grown to enjoy your company, appreciate your sense of humour, your beery palate and I'm not the only one. Others like me feel the same.
So it gives me no pleasure whatsoever to take you to one side and talk to you, it's not a conversation I ever want to have again either but others like me feel the same.
I love that you love craft beers and craft beer bars, I like the fact that you always have nice things to say about the staff and that you have a passion for craft beers, the same as I have. Others like me feel the same.
I want you to look in the mirror, I want you to like what you see, we do, you see others like me feel the same.
I want you to take a week off the booze, I want you to get your head straight. Others like me feel the same.
I know you have a lot to give, I know you don't feel it right now, I want that second statement to change. Others like me feel the same.
I want you to get a job you like, I want you to enjoy your life, I want you to wake up in the morning and not have to apologise to everyone you might have seen the previous evening. Others like me feel the same.
Like I said, it's a conversation I never want to have again but if you need to talk then I'm here for you, as are the others like me who feel the same.

Monday 18 April 2011


I hate that I have resorted to desperate FABPOW's for this blog. I've been trying to write something a lot more hard hitting but this'll have to do so here it is....

Pork Kebabs w/Home made BBQ sauce and Home Made Coleslaw (Beer Kernel Black IPA, 1st edition).

The Pork kebabs were bought from Sainsburys (4 in a box) get 2 boxes for £5. They came with a horrible looking BBQ sauce that I wasn't ever going to use so I decided to make my own.
left, home made BBQ, right, nasty sainsburys rubbish

The BBQ Sauce was made with Ketchup, Reggae Reggae Sauce, Olive Oil with Cajun, BBQ and Jamaican Jerk spices.
I cooked the pork as per the instructions, 25 mins at 190, after 20 mins I put my BBQ sauce on.
My home made coleslaw is made from grated apple & carrot, chopped up celery and spring onion and mayonnaise.

The Beer? Kernel Black IPA of course, you all know about it and you all know about my new passion for IPA's with spicy food!

This was tasty, a true FABPOW! (I hate myself for using this phrase).

Now maybe I can get on with actually writing something people will want to read!

Saturday 9 April 2011

Beer, More than just a Christmas Drink!

A beer is not just for Christmas

Ok so it is really, you drink a beer and it's gone. Seriously though, if you feel like you've had enough, don't drink any more. Don't buy another pint and waste it like the couple that had this beer did. It's wasteful.
That beer could have gone to a good home.
That beer could have gone to someone that loved it.
Certainly don't leave it in the middle of Borough Market on it's lonesome!
Look how lonely it is!
Brings a tear to the eye.

Sunday 3 April 2011

10 Things I Love About Beer

I want one of these for my collection

1) That I sell great beer.

2) Great beer is on the increase.

3) There is a growing 'craft beer' community in London.

4) There are so many different styles of beer.

5) I regularly get to help brew great beer.

6) Anyone can make beer.

7) I get to write about beer through this 'noisesome' blog.

8) It's only made from 4 ingredients.

9) One of the ingredients is Hops.

10) I have made lifelong friends because of beer.

Pic by another mate, Sid Boggle.
What do you love about Beer?

10 Things I Hate About Beer!

1) It's not free.

2) It's ticked.

3) Too many restaurants are still matching wine NOT beer with their menus.

4) It spawns 'noisesome' drivel like this.

5) There are such things as 'beer snobs'

6) I am a 'beer snob'

7) It gives you a hangover if you drink too much.

8) There are still arguments over methods of dispense.

9) I still partake in said arguments over method of dispense.

10) It's given me a beer belly and I'm too lazy to get rid of it.
This is NOT me....Yet.

What do you hate about beer?

Friday 1 April 2011

My name is Glyn

Well, that's it folks, I've just resigned. For the last couple of years I've been have a great time, apparently too much of a great time. In recent weeks I have been increasingly aware that I am drinking far too heavily and it has to stop. I am an alcoholic and my last drink (I hope) was at 10pm last night.

It's all well and good drinking all this great 'craft' beer but frankly it's just another alcoholic drink that has helped cause all my problems.

I have just handed over the keys to The Rake to Rich who has been very understanding about the whole thing and has given me sick leave effective immeadiately.

Thanks for reading the blog over the last 18 months, obviously without beer in my life anymore there will be no more Rabid About Beer. My name is Glyn, wish me luck.