Monday 31 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Thirty

Penultimate day of this pap. almost a day off drinking after yesterdays crawl but taking it easy instead. Still these Kernel Black IPA's are going down an absolute treat today, far too easy to drink them.

4 x Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 8.96

Day Thirty Units : 8.96

One. More. Day. Phew!

Sunday 30 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Week Four

I reckon there's an average total of about 60-odd units coming up for the end of week four. Lets see.

Day Twenty-Two : 12.54
Day Twenty-Three : 4.19
Day Twenty-Four : 15.09
Day Twenty-Five : 12.48
Day Twenty-Six : 14.58
Day Twenty-Seven : 6.80
Day Twenty-Eight : 20.19

Total Units Week Four : 85.87


Oh well, four times over the weekly recommended units and not one hangover. I'm losing my touch.
As I type this there are two days of this tripe to go, thank fuck, I don't even remember why I did this in the first place. Perhaps a cynical way of getting into the Wikio top ten for the first time? Hmm......

Drunk Diary, Day Twenty-Nine

I was out and about doing some research for a project I had an idea for so I travelled around North and East London looking like some sort of beer hobo. I visited five pubs in all starting in Pimlico and ending up in Stoke Newington. Anyway more of that to come later, here are the units.

1 x Pint Dancing Duck 22, 4.3% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.44
1 x Half Brewdog Edge, 3.2% abv, 284mls, Units : 0.90
1 x Pint Marble W90, 3.9% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.21
1 x Pint Dark Star 4.7% abv, 568mls ,Units : 2.66
2 x Pint Fyne Ales Jarl, 3.8% abv, 568mls, Units : 4.44
1 x Pint Fyne Ales Avalanche, 4.5% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.56
3 x Glasses White Wine, (450mls total) 12.5% abv, Units : 5.63

Total units day twenty-nine : 20.84

Saturday 29 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Twenty-Eight

Day twenty eight was surprisingly heavy, I say surprisingly because I really didn't mean to drink anywhere near this much. Having said that I did drink some cracking beers!

4 x Pints Ossett IPA, 5%abv, 568mls, Units : 11.36
1 x Half Fyne Ales Jarl, 3.8% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.08
1 x Half Brewdog Alpha Dog, 3.8% abv, 284 mls, Units : 1.08
1 x Pint Brewdog Alpha Dog, 3.8% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.16
1 x Half Otley O8, 8% abv, 284 mls, Units : 2.27
1 x Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 2.24

Total units day twenty eight : 20.19

I have to give a shout out to every one of these beers, every single one of them was top notch.

Thursday 27 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Twenty-Seven

Crikey, it's going to be an epic couple of days work wise. Lots of hard work coming to fruition, hopefully. If I don't make it, tell my wife I love her!

1 x Kernel Citra IPA, 7.2% abv, 330mls, Units : 2.38
1 x Pint Guinness, 4.1% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.33
1 x Goose Island IPA, 5.9% abv, 355mls, Units : 2.09

Total units day twenty-seven : 6.80

See you tomorrow.

Drunk Diary, Day Twenty-Six

Day off where I still ended up working. Life's a beach sometimes.

Today's units as follows :

1 x Half Dark Star Sussex Extra Stout, 4.5% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.28
2 x Pints Dark Star Sussex Extra Stout, 4.5% abv, 568mmls, Units : 5.12
1 x Half Little Creatures Pale Ale, 5.2% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.48
1 x Pint Fyne Pipers Gold, 3.8% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.16
1 x Kernel Centennial Pale Ale, 4.9% abv, 500mls, Units : 2.45
1 x Goose Island IPA, 5.9% abv, 355mls, Units : 2.09

Total units day twenty-six : 14.58

Now, I'm off to enjoy #drink like withnail day ;-) who's with me?

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Twenty-Five

Hmmm, days in front of computers tend to get really tedious and beer definitely required today.

4 x Dark Star Sussex Extra Stout, 4.5% abv, 568mls, Units : 10.24
1 x Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 2.24

Total units day twenty-five : 12.48

My day off tomorrow will be ruined by sitting in front of the computer all day again finishing off the yearly report and business plan for this year. grr....

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Twenty-Four

Well grumpy today, lots of office work to do in the next few days, don't really expect mood to life until it's done but with only a week to go of this tosh, the end is in sight.

4 x Dark Star Sussex Extra Stout, 4.5% abv, 568mls, Units : 10.24
1 x Art Brew Blackcurrant Stout, 4.6% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.61
1 x Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 2.24

Total units day : 15.09

One thing I would like to mention is this BBC Radio's Newsbeat Booze Calculator. Now whilst this is a good idea in priciple I took this and it was almost two units higher than I actually took in yesterday. It also counts calories and expense and the amount of time it will take the alcohol to leave your body.
Whilst in principle it's a good idea, I object to the averaging out of calories and money. Apparently weak and strong beer costs the same on average.
I also object to them using big chains as part of their research as we all know that big pub chains work on volume sales quite a lot of the time and not on a specific GP and are therefore able to keep the prices of their beer down. Oh well, least they didn't use a 'spoons! Have a good day.

Monday 24 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Twenty-Three

Good ideas come to me the whole time, I'm full of them.Sometimes it's a small thing that triggers them, sometimes it's a big thing that triggers a big thing. I've had one such idea this morning whilst writing a post that will never be published(at least I think not).

I'll tell you about it soon because it may come to fruition in May and will be a great thing for everyone!

Continuing the drunk diary seems almost mundane in comparison but here are the units for today.

1 x bottle Goose Island IPA, 5.9% abv, 355mls, Units : 2.09
1 x bottle Worthington Red Shield, 4.2% abv, 500mls, Units : 2.1

The Worthington Red Shield is really drinkable, thanks go to Kristy McCready for supplying it. It's a blonde ale, it's nice and dry which for me means I could go through 3 or 4 of these without even thinking about it(lucky I've only got 1 then innit?). Great session beer.

Anyway my total units for day twenty-three are : 4.19 (must've been ill or something).

Sunday 23 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Twenty-Two

Had mates around at The Rake in the afternoon so I knew it was going to get a bit messy. Drank the bar out of the final few bottles of Kernel black IPA, will be ordering more on Monday if there's any left!

2 x Pints Dark Star Winter Meltdown, 5% abv, 568mls, Units : 5.68
2 x Bottles Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 4.48
1 x Bottle Kernel S.C.C.A.NS IPA, 7.2% abv, 330msl : 2.38

Total units day twenty-two : 12.54

Shall I take a day off for day twenty-three? Watch this space.

Drunk Diary, Week Three

With an abundance of Black IPA still to be drunk and the Dark Star/Melissa Cole collaboration coming to town on Thursday, it was always going to be a hard week but I wasn't expecting anywhere near week two's 100 units.

Here's how I did...
Day Fifteen : 4.54
Day Sixteen : 0
Day Seventeen : 9.98
Day Eighteen : 17.8
Day Nineteen : 12.98
Day Twenty : 8.13
Day Twenty-One : 13.08

So week three total units : 66.51

And it was nowhere near week two's 100 units and much more like the average weeks intake for last year. Now lets see how the last full week goes!

Saturday 22 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Twenty-One

So what occurred today then, general ignorance with smatterings of good company, typical Friday round here.

Firehouse Brewery Hops on Rye IPA, 7.5%, 330mls, Units : 2.47.
Schlenkerla Helles, 4.3% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.22.
Dark Star Winter Meltdown, 5% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.84
Moor Old Freddy Walker, 7.5% abv, 330mls, Units : 2.47
Goose Island IPA, 5.9% abv, 355mls, Units : 2.09
Brew Wharf Spiced Winter Ale, 3.5% abv, 568mls, 1.99

Total units day twenty-one : 13.08.

Weekly total to follow, not expecting 100 units!

Friday 21 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Twenty

It promised to be another big day but thankfully it was fairly sedate! Missed meeting up with the Ghost Drinker due to a 'pre meeting' meeting, sorry dude!

Here's what occured...

2 x Half Nethergate Ruby Mild, 4.5% abv, 284mls, Units : 2.56
1 x Half Dark Star Special Porter, 6.5% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.85
1 x Half Dark Star Special Porter(Vanilla), 6.5% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.85
1 x Half Thornbridge Raven, 6.6% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.87

Total units day twenty : 8.13

M&M Blog post coming soon!

Thursday 20 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Nineteen

Bluegh! Headache, furry mouth, slight nausea.

Will someone..anyone remind me to eat at some point before Melissa's beer goes on the bar today! Really!, Please! I would just like to blame John Keeling for this as it was that last bottle of Black IPA he bought me that did it!

Anyway, enough of my hangover, here are the units!

1 x Pint Nethergate Ruby Mild, 4.5% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.56
1 x Half Brodies Superior Porter, 7.8% abv, 284mls : 1.56
4 x Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 8.96

Total Units day nineteen : 12.98.

That'll learn me! Or as someone said this morning, if you haven't learnt by now.....

Wednesday 19 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Eighteen

Day eighteen and I'm 'a tad squiffy'. Personally I'm blaming Glenn Payne!

Black beer day it seems. Still black beer is the

1 x Half Guinness, 4.1% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.16
2 x Pints Guinness, 4.1% abv, 568mls, Units : 4.66
2 x Pints Otley O6, 6.6% abv, 568mls, Units : 7.5
1 x Bottle Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 568mls, Units : 4.48

Total Units Day Eighteen : 17.8

That Otley O6 is one of my favourites from the Pontypridd brewery, far too drinkable!

Monday 17 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Seventeen

After yesterday's non drinking shenanigans today promises to be well, a tad tastier than a pint of WATER!
Had to go looking for flats to buy, it's thirsty work dontcha know, anyway here are the details...

1 x Half St Peters Ruby Red Ale, 4.3% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.22
1 x Large Glass White Wine, 12.5% abv, 250mls, Units : 3.12
1 x Half Guinness, 4.1% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.16
2 x Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 4.48

Total units day seventeen : 9.98

Drunk Diary, Week Two

Looking back on week two I'm expecting a lot less than week one, partly because I had a complete day off.
so, how many units were drunk last week?

Day Eight : 19.96
Day Nine : 21.23
Day Ten : 12.93
Day Eleven : 0
Day Twelve : 17.88
Day Thirteen : 13.48
Day Fourteen : 15.30

Total Alcoholic Units this week  : 100.78


OK, Well, it should be noted that week two this year is record breaking and that's with a day off! 
I never actually thought I'd nit 100 units in a week and I certainly wasn't trying to but I also don't consider that I was binge drinking either. I was drunk once in week two and that was the Kernel Black IPA launch, of the rest of the week, I have to say I was taking it quite easy!

Drunk Diary, Day Sixteen

Another dry day as promised on Tuesday.

It was harder than the first one, still as someone said to me yesterday 'promises to yourself are the easiest promises to break but it feels good when you stick to them'.

So, day sixteen units : 0.

Weekly totals to follow.

Sunday 16 January 2011

Meet The Homebrewer : Sean Ayling

Homebrewer/Mad Scientist
Meet Sean Ayling, Husband, father, Cricket enthusiast, *patenter of all-in-one incontinence body suits, and homebrewer.
He first home brewed back in the 80's when he used his dads old Boots brew kit and in his own word the results were spectacularly mediocre and after and after a few attempts he packed up.
In 2009 with a single income household and three kids, some money saving was required and Sean decided that brewing his own beer was cheaper than buying it from Tesco's, every little helps I suppose!
His first brew kit was a brupak Colne Valley kit and was a million miles away from what he'd brewed on some 25 years earlier.
Inspired by people like Eddie Gadd, Kelly Ryan(was Thornbridge, now Epic, NZ) and Evin O'Riordan(Kernel) between March 2009 and March 2010 Sean tried 49 different brew kits, nearly one a week! During that time he'd tried all sorts to make the most out of the kits, including changing the yeast, dry hopping and adding a hop tea! Once he'd decided he'd gone as far as he could with the kits he finally bit the bullet and set about making his own boiler, mash tun and immersion chillers so he could go 'all grain'. He achieved this with the help of the homebrew community and Eddie Gadd of Gadds Brewery in Ramsgate who donated some bits and pieces for the kit and his first 'all grain' brew was an all pale malt beer single hopped with Amarillo. Since then he's gone on to make 20 all grain brews and admits that roughly a third have been undrinkable, a third have been ok and 3 or 4 he's been really pleased with. Which brings me onto the beer.
Whispering Bob, 6.7% abv, Original Gravity - 1063.
recycling done right!
Poured out of a Brewdog Punk IPA bottle(gotta love the recycling aspect of homebrewing), great carbonation, deep amber in colour, the nose is reminding me of the Caledonian 80/- I had at the football yesterday, very clean smelling, quite 'Kentish', must be the water I guess because a lot of beers from the neck of the woods smell and taste like this.
So, how does it taste? like beer innit! There's some warming booziness on the palate, it's very bitter but not in a bad way, actually in a very refreshing way, maybe some Pineapple & Watermelon in there, little bit of toffee but the bitterness kinda cuts right through it. Really love this beer! It's really drinkable, completely belying it's abv, dangerous stuff, but you know me, always living on the edge, putting myself out there for my art! Note : something Sean forgot to mention on the blog about the Whispering Bob was that it's dry hopped with Simcoe and Amarillo(50/50)
Apparently one of Sean's projects is oak ageing a dark beer this year. If it's anywhere near as good as the Whispering Bob, it'll be great! He's taken inspiration for this one from the Lovibonds guys who's Dark Reserve  was a great success at The Rake last year.
Seans viz top tip, in just this morning is, drink homebrew, your hangovers are fewer and of lesser magnitude! Hmmm, not sure about that one. Pretty sure about the Whispering Bob though! More Please!!
You can follow his progress on his blog where you get the ins and outs of homebrewing.

*an in-joke, apologies.

Saturday 15 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Fifteen

 Day off today, went to watch some football - came away disappointed, we lost 2-3 to a very ordinary Woking side who are a league below us no less!

Anyway, drinking was curtailed today by the lack of mates at the footie, usually I'd stay around for a few beverages but as we lost I only had the one at the footie and fucked off home.

Anyway it's been a fairly quiet day on the units front, here are the totals...

1 x Pint Caledonian 80/-, 4.1% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.33
1 x South Street Shed, Whispering Bob, 6.7% abv, 330mls, Units : 2.21

Total Units today : 4.54. Look out for my blog on the South Street Shed Brewery tomorrow!

Drunk Diary, Day Fourteen

Gotta love customers sometimes, some of them really shouldn't try and get a rise out of the staff(or manager) just because they're pissed.

End of the night.
Customer : Got a lighter.
Staff : no sir, none of us smoke.
Customer : I'm paying £4.20 a fucking pint and you haven't got a fucking lighter?!
Me : You earn all that money to pay £4.20 a fucking pint and you can't afford a fucking lighter?

Customers mates snigger and he looks indignant, not having the wit to come back with anything else. I'll let you work out what the moral of this particular story is.

Here are the units.

2 x Pints Salopian Oracle, 4% Abv, 568mls, Units : 4.54
1 x Half Salopian Oracle, 4% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.14
1 x Half Oakham Citra, 4.2% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.19
1 x Pint Oakham Citra, 4.2% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.39
1 x Half Hacker Pschorr, 5.5% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.56
2 x Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 4.48

Day Fourteen Total Units : 15.30.

See you tomorrow.

Friday 14 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Thirteen

After kicking up a shitstorm on other blogs, here are my totals for today...

2 x Salopian Darwins Origin, 4.3% abv, 568mls, Units : 4.88
2 x Brewdog Punk IPA, 5.6% abv, 568mls, Units : 6.36
1 x Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 2.24

So total alcoholic units today : 13.48

Nearly the weekend!!!

Wednesday 12 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Twelve

Day off yesterday, if you hadn't noticed all the whingeing from this corner of the blogosphere!

back at work today and here are the totals

3 x Pint Salopian Darwins Origin, 4.3% abv, 568mls, Units : 7.32
2 x Bottle Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 4.48
1/2 Bottle Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 165mls, Units : 1.12
2 x Half Anchor Steam, 4.8% abv, 284mls, Units : 2.72
2 x Bombay Sapphire & Bitter Lemon, 40% abv, 25mls, Units : 2.24

Total units for day twelve : 17.88

Lots of debate going on about my alcohol consumption here and here. Seriously, I'm not trying to be heroic, just keeping tabs and I'll probably get my liver checked in Feb!

Drunk Diary, Day Eleven

Just the thought of having a dry day is enough to make me feel twitchy. I'm forced to wonder how Pete and Liz go dry for a month!
Took a nap just after lunch, one way of ignoring a fridge full of Kernel Black IPA and Goose Island IPA!
13.00hrs - Lunch - Fishfinger Sarnie followed by coffee and a nap.
15.51hrs - More coffee. I seem to be replacing alcohol with caffiene. Time for a Trekathon.
16.50hrs - Ham Sandwich.
17.00hrs - Bread making.
17.30 - Star Trek movie and a pint of water.
19.15 - Another Pint of water(at this point thinking about adding some yeast and seeing if I can get alcohol out of it...
20.30 - Pick DVD and settle down with Orange squash as Mrs Rabidbarfly is back with water flavouring!
23.00 - Bed.

Total Units Day Eleven : 0.

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Days Off.

Pete and Liz do it every year, for a month they do 'detox' it works for them I guess and considering the work they do I have a huge amount of respect for them both.
       Todays elixir
However, I'm not one who believes in denying myself simple pleasures such as beer or bacon. Instead I chose to chronicle what I drink in January instead and this year it's started off as a bit of a large one. This is the second year I have done this and I have found myself feeling a bit shocked at what's gone on.
One of the reasons for the heavy start to the year was the (very good,awesome!) beer we launched on Sunday at The Rake, the Black IPA from the Kernel Brewery which you can now buy online I believe as well as at The Rake, Utobeer and other lucky outlets!
I have felt since doing my first weekly round up of alcoholic units that I needed a day off from drinking, so what better day than my first day off since we reopened after new year.
I have to say, that come 11am this morning the thought of  not having a beer was making me twitchy as hell, has it really become that much of a crutch to me? and if so what does that say for my general state of mind?
Still, it's now nearly half past eight as I type this and no alcohol has passed my lips, I am feeling better for it, knowing that I can do this, stupid really. For those that aren't convinced(cos I'm not myself) I'm going to actually plan the rest of my days off the booze, next one will be this coming Sunday.
You are therefore required to enter a pact with me, if I slip up and have a drink on planned days off, I expect YOU to get on here and rip the piss out of me, give me as much abuse as you like, hold nothing back, just don't do it anonymously(it's annoying). And if I don't have an alcoholic beverage, you can still rip the piss out of me(it never usually stops you lot anyway!).
Why am I doing this? I need to know that's it, nothing more complicated than that, I need to know can do it more than once a month.
Who's in?

Drunk Diary, Day Ten

So much for a dry day, oh well at least it was productive!

Day ten went as follows....

3 x Bottles Kernel Black IPA, 6.8%, 330mls, Units : 6.72
1 x Half Salopian Firkin Freezing, 4.1%, 284mls, Units : 1.16
1 x Pint Salopian Firkin Freezing, 4.1%, 568mls, Units : 2.33
2 x Half Anchor Steam, 4.8%, 284mls, Units : 2.72

Total Units for day ten were an almost respectable : 12.93

sooner or later there WILL be a day off the booze....errr....honest?

Monday 10 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Nine

Oh dear this got messy!

Surprisingly I was drinking Kernel  Black IPA yesterday!

Total as follows :

5 x Kernel Black IPA Pints, 6.8% abv, 568mls, Units : 19.3
1 x Kernel Black IPA Half, 6.8% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.93

Total Units Day Nine : 21.23

Thanks to everyone that came along to The Rake yesterday for the launch of the Black IPA, it was a great day with great beer!

lets see how DRY today is....

Saturday 8 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Week One

Been a long week, first week back at work and it's the first of what I'm predicting will be a big year. I finally got my hands on some of the Kernel Black IPA I helped to brew, been drinking it since then really and we haven't even launched it yet!
My liver may not last another week but you only live once and as someone that geeks love once said, everything in moderation, including moderation itself.
Here are the unit totals for the week :

Day One : 16.07
Day Two : 6.75
Day Three : 6.57
Day Four : 12.08
Day Five : 14.18
Day Six : 16.28
Day Seven : 11.68

Total Alcoholic Units this week : 83.61

Ghost Drinker said I'd rack up 99 units this week, not far off, I think this is the biggest week of any drunk diary I've kept. I am nearly four times the recommended daily/weekly totals, anyone want to bet on next week?

Drunk Diary, Day Eight

Gearing up for tomorrow, if you've been reading this week, you'll know I've drunk a lot more than I thought I would but hey, I had a quiet new year and Christmas! thank God tomorrow is another week and tomorrows totals go on next weeks total!

Anyhow, here are todays totals...

1 x Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 189mls(3rd), Units : 1.28
1 x Moor Freddy Walker, 7.5% abv, 189mls, Units : 1.42
3 x Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 284mls, Units : 5.79
3 x Guinness, 4.1% abv, 568mls, Units : 6.99
2 x Bottle Kernel Black IPA, 6.8%, 300mls, Units : 4.48

Total Units totday : 19.96

Weekly total to follow shortly....

Drunk Diary, Day Seven

12.10pm First week nearly at an end and I've been boozing it up quite a lot! Time to take it a bit easier today although I have already opened a bottle of Kernel Black IPA to write up some tasting notes before Sunday!

3 x Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 6.72. Ok, so my tasting notes didn't happen, you'll just have to come and try it for yourself!
Half Brewsters Belly Dancer, 5.2% abv, 284 mls, Units : 1.48
3 x Half Guinness, 4.1% abv, 284 mls, Units : 3.48.

Yesterdays total Units : 11.68

Sorry for the delay on this it's not easy keeping up with these posts when the pub is full of people(not that I'm complaining!)

See yuz tomorrow for my Kernel Black IPA unit count(are you ready to pray for my liver?)

Thursday 6 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Six

Well, here we are again, my daily totals are as follows...

Castle Rock Screech Owl IPA, 5.5% abv, 284mls, units :  1.56
2 x Elland Greland, 5.5% abv, 568mls, Units : 6.24
2 x O'Hanlons Port Stout, 4.8% abv, 568mls, Units : 5.45
Le Freak, 9.25 abv, 330mls, Units : 3.03

Total units on day six are : 16.28

Well, I'm all over thhese so-called units like a cheap suit, flies around shit, bees around honey, etc... blah blah...

Doctors, pah, what do they know?

Looking forward to Sunday where we all get righteously pissed on the Kernel Black IPA, see you then, if not before!

Drunk Diary, Day Five

Day five. Here are the totals, busy day yesterday, lots of work not much else. Good to get a few beers in though!

Greland Reserve 2010, 5.5% abv, 568mls, Units : 3.12
2 x Guinness, 4.1% abv, 568 mls, Units : 4.64
Oakham Summit, 4.3% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.22
Kernel S.C.C.A.NS IPA, 7.5% abv, 330mls, Units : 2.47
O'Hanlons Port Stout, 4.8% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.73.

Total Units : 14.18

See you tomorrow. Hmm, 2/3rds of a pint anyone?

Wednesday 5 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Four

My drunk diary just got a wee bit special as I just tried a bottle of the Kernel Brewery Black IPA we're launching here on sunday and oh my what a beer, you have to come, it's. Just. Epic.

Whitstable Christmas Cake, 4.6% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.61
2 x Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 4.48(That second bottle was still purely quality control, you understand)
Large Glass White Wine, 12.5% abv, 250 mls, Units : 3.12
Medium Glass White Wine, 12.5% abv, 150 mls, Units : 1.87

Todays total units : 12.08

Gotta plug it again folks, the Black IPA launch is at The Rake on Sunday from noon until 5pm, you really have to be here, it's really special! It's going to take ALL my willpower to not drink all the bottles I have bought for myself and my family/friends!
See you tomorrow!

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Three

Back at work for a few hours this morning, ordering beer and wotnot. Popped into the Southwark Tavern on way to bus stop for a quick half. Must say the assistant manager in there is pants! I got ignored for a full 4 minutes, I was the ONLY person at the bar and he was discussing the rota with a member of staff, WTF??

Anyway, here's the totals for today...

Half Pint Saltiare Triple Chocoholic, 4.8% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.36
Large Glass Wine, 12.5% abv, 250mls, Units : 3.12
Goose Island IPA, 5.9% abv, 355mls, Units : 2.09

Total Units day three : 6.57

Monday 3 January 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Two

If you want to know the so called 'safe' limits of alcoholic consumption for men and women are as follows.

Men : 21 Units per week.
Women : 14 units per week.

Anyway, enough of the medical nonsense. Here's todays units.

Kernel Export Stout, 7.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 2.57
2 x Goose Island IPA, 5.9% abv, 355 mls, Units : 4.18

Total units for day two : 6.75

See you tomorrow.

Sunday 2 January 2011

Drunk Diary Day One

Yes, it's back again. Some people give up drinking for January(fools), I just keep a record of what I'm drinking and how many units above the so-called safe limit I am.
In case you don't know, working out alcohol units works like this....Multiply the mls alcoholic liquid by the abv then divide by 1000. 
At the turn of the year I was two sips into a bottle of Goose Island, so I'll start with that.

1 x Goose Island IPA, 5.9% abv, 355ml, Units : 2.09
5 x Guinness, 4.1% abv, 568mls, units : 11.6
1 x St Austells Tribute, 4.2% abv, 568mls, Units : 2.38

Total units day one : 16.07

Start as you mean to go on I guess.