Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Drunk Diary Summary

Thank fuck that's over. I was starting to bore myself witless let alone you poor saps who just had to keep coming back and reading it again and again.

The Units I consumed in January were : 375.14.
That's a weekly average of : 84.68
That's a Daily Average of 13.40.
That's over three times the daily recommended limits for the intake of alcohol.

I am not dead.
I am not searching around for a new liver.
Or my dignity.

Why did I do this for a second year? Well, last year I did it because I was genuinely interested in how many units I was taking in as a bar manager. I knew it was high but really didn't have the first clue!
This year I was still interested to see how many units, less so that the first year, I was more interested in whether or not a social experiment on myself would work. It just might have.
You see you a while now I've been realising that I'm not as young as I once was, my body can't take the stupid amounts of alcohol that it was once able to and I have found myself wanting to have days off the grog. Is this possibly because I'm drinking more this year than I was last year, almost certainly. After all last years units total was 272.55.
My main thought on this year is that it is so easy to rack up the units that you do have to be really careful, I can honestly say I was drunk maybe four times last month if not then three. My lifestyle must change, and it will, eventually.
Here's another thought though, I work in a bar. A great bar with great beers. Beers which should be enjoyed for what they are *whispers* craft beer. Not to be chugged, not to be guzzled but to be savoured. Anyone can get pissed, only the damned can feel bliss. Temptation is a cruel mistress.


arn said...

Enjoyed reading the month posts, that Black IPA must be very good stuff.

"I am not searching around for a new liver."

Would be interesting for you on monday (if you managed to get an appointment that is) to get your liver function and electrolyte bloods done.

Rabidbarfly said...

haha, that's a good one arn, get an appointment, haha, tickled me that did. ;-)
Would be interesting though and not just after January but at any time of year really.

Anonymous said...

For an unfair comparison, my heaviest week from last year was 25 units less than your weekly average. My weekly average is about 35.88 units and I'm trying to cut it down to be under 30...

Rabidbarfly said...

@anon If you keep a record of what you drink then I wouldn't call it an unfair comparison. Also the 35.88 units isn't particularly heavy for a weeks drinking, here are the questions I would ask you... when do you drink? is it all at once or spread through the week? What's your job, does it involve alcohol in any way? I would say if you are pub operator then almost 36 units a week is positively light. But if you feel you want to cut it down further then power to ya, do it, let me know how it goes.

Mark said...

In all fairness, it must a complete nightmare for you to try and resist drinking beer. I find it difficult enough to resist the bottles in the fridge, let alone having it under my nose all day at work too.


Rabidbarfly said...

@Chunk - total mare, especially on days like today when I really NEED a day off the grog. Still, I'm going home early and then there will be no more temptation....except for the 3.5 cases of Black IPA, A couple of Russian Rivers.....anyway, a lot.