Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Drunk Diary, Day Thirty-One

Last day of this today and because of work commitments (ie not being in London) the summary will have to wait until the weekend probably. Someone said I should go out with a bang, hmm, I have to be on a train to Pontypridd tomorrow. Maybe not.

1 x Half Windsor & Eton Conqueror, 5% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.42
1 x Half Fyne Ales Hurricane Jack, 4.4% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.25
1 x Half Otley O8, 8% abv, 284mls, Units : 2.27
1 x Half Anchor Steam, 4.9% abv, 284mls, Units : 1.39
1 x Bottle Kernel Black IPA, 6.8% abv, 330mls, Units : 2.24

So total units for the last day are : 8.57

Lucky it stops today as brew days with the Otley guys and girls usually end up quite messy! So much good beer only one Glyn! Summary to follow later in the week when I have time to write it up. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Sid Boggle said...

Are you going to separate out the total for just Kernel Black IPA? ;-)

Mark said...

Glyn, I'm just glad you've survived this month! It's been really interesting reading, especially seeing how quickly the units stack up or how the units differ for each beer. If nothing else I hope it makes people realise that going to the pub and having a pint will often put them over the limit!

Cooking Lager said...

Is that the end of your wimpish detox light drinking January and a February of proper manly boozing awaits?

Rabidbarfly said...

Sid - back in your Boggle Box
Mark - Cheers, very good points made there on how you can so easily stack up the units without even realising.
Cookie - let the proper drinking begin!

Stuart Ross said...

was there a day other than the dry days when you didn't have a bottle of The Kernel Black IPA?

Mark said...

Wow, just caught up with the whole month in one sitting. Fair play to you for doing this so openly; I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't.

Amazing how those units can add up without you even really noticing it.

Private Poontang said...

If you're that fed-up writing it imagine what it feels like reading it.
I've had veruccas that have been more interesting !
You've gotta think of a new angle next time old cock.