Friday, 5 February 2010

Talk to Frank

So, I've been particularly busy this week, not just at work but at home too. Too busy to write my reply to the foul words by the foul ex-new-labour, actually old bastard labourite Frank Dobson re : heavy drinkers causing the world to end.
OK so not about the world ending but we (heavy drinkers) You’ve just claimed (Dobson) – and we are all quoting your words exactly here – that "heavy drinkers cause a vast amount of disorder, get involved in sexual assaults, get involved in accidents and are a major nuisance with loutish behaviour."
I'm basically much to busy to follow up with the excellent research of Pete Brown on the subject because I have a pub to run and a wedding to plan but he(Pete) basically put down the words that were in my head much more eloquently than I ever could.
What I would like to say in my own, uneducated manner is this, Frank Dobson and not just you but any other politician thinking of using alcohol as an excuse for anti-social behaviour, as a way of winning votes this year(or any other year for that matter), you are barred from my bar, The Rake, until you offer a public apology for your outrageous and unqualified remarks about heavy drinkers.
I am also urging any pub manager/owner/operator to do the same, we cannot allow these unwarranted, slanderous attacks against the vast majority of the public who enjoy drinking responsibly in the company of their friends and family to go unanswered.
Politicians must be made aware that they cannot make these outlandish claims in an election year for votes only to not qualify them. Anybody with the experience of listening and watching politics in the last 30-40 years(hell, ever!) knows that once the election is over the politicians will forget about the alcohol as a 'problem' until it is time to win more votes at the next election.
Alcoholism is caused by many things, not by pubs, not by beer but usually by deeper problems of 'the self'. A person will not sexually assault someone because of alcohol, they would do it anyway, they will have a pre-disposition to go out and sexually assault someone. A person will not violently assault someone because of alcohol, if they want a fight they will go out and find it regardless of how much alcohol they have had to drink, again not the cause.
I will not be voting labour or conservative this year, they are as bad as each other, I have a general cynical distrust of politicians and that will not change until they actually start listening to the people that vote for them.
I will do as Pete has done by posting Frank Dobsons contact details and hoping that you all do the same. Talk to Frank people.
Good luck Dobson, lucky you're not my local MP.
Yours Sincerely

Glyn Roberts

Write to Frank at -
Frank Dobson MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

Ring Frank on -
020 7219 4452 or 020 7219 5840

Fax Frank on -
020 7219 6956

Email Frank on


Sid Boggle said...

He's a politician that noboby has paid attention to for some years. Not since 'New Labour' chewed him up and spat him out as their 'official' candidate for London Mayor in 2000.

Like any politician his only real skill is spotting a useful bandwagon to jump on.

Rabidbarfly said...

well said Sid