Sunday 17 October 2010

Beer Cupcakes

The cupcake war has been going on for some time now and more and more people seem to be getting involved in some way. Started by brewing Leg-End Phil Lowry and Dominic Driscoll others have started making them and I started getting the itch to try it on Wednesday, unfortunately I couldn't partake until Sunday. I was having had ideas for 'normal' cupcakes, you know, lemon drizzle, vanilla etc...Bacon was then mentioned on twitter and the aforementioned Mr Lowry suggested that would be a Yorkshire Pudding 'or a muffin' I retorted.
Then the idea came to me, beer! Now this was partly because I was feeling like shit all week and hadn't really had anything to drink because of it.
So which beer to use? Kernel Export Stout? Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary? Beaumonts Ginger Beer?
All of the above?
I decided on Ginger and Lemon Cupcakes with Beaumonts Ginger Beer and fresh grated Ginger.
So I'm not going to go into the details of the recipe because I'm not a chef and you don't want you all nodding off but suffice to say you can find the recipe I used here.
What I will say is I modified it from Lemon to Lemon, Ginger and Vanilla and I also used Beaumonts Ginger Beer which I've blogged about before, it's a light, refreshing alcoholic ginger beer from Cornish Orchards and it's damn fine stuff!
All in all I guess it's a success, the cakes are light and fluffy and the icing is lovely and gingery too!
Now I'm going to...and drumroll please....have my cake and eat it!


Sid Boggle said...

Have some at the bar on Wednesday afternoon, or it didn't happen... 8-)

rabidbarfly said...

haha, such cynicism in one so....old!

Mark Dredge said...

In posting this you have have started a cupcake war... Watch out, I'm grabbing the apron and heading in to the kitchen!!

I had a great cupcake in San Francisco which had a Pliny the Elder frosting (made by Mario from Brewed for Thought's wife). I made some with Riptide stout before too but I'm pretty sure I can do better...!

Mark said...

This shit is on like Donkey Kong! I'm hitting the kitchen ... I might even time it so there are some left (and fresh) for the twissup train! :)


Professor Pie-Tin said...

That's a better picture by the way - not a twat hat in sight !

Mark said...

Haha! I was starting to have the same thought ... blokes fighting over who has the best baking skills. How metrosexual!


Leigh said...

Cake and Beer are such a surprisingly good couple! I'm all for weekend baking!

rabidbarfly said...

@Dredge - Bring.It.On.
@PPT - Not just a cupcake sir, a BEER cupcake.
@Chunk - I'm looking forward to it. You gonna do a homebrew cupcake? And for the record, I'm not fighting over baking skills, I know I'm shite but they do taste good!
@Leigh - couldn't agree more