Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Session #52 Collectibles & Breweriana

I would say I've been inspired by The Beer Monkey's confession on his *ahem* collection of beer mat but since there's only one of them, it doesn't really count. Fear not though, I have many for the venerable Mr Monkey that I get given without solicitation.
You all know about my fetish for baseball caps? Well my collection grew a bit more this week with the purchase of my new Lovibonds 69 IPA baseball cap(see below).
Great new cap, shame about the model
So here's what I got so far :

Russian River  - Pliny the Elder.(Blue)
Lovibonds - 69 IPA (Black)
Dark Star Brewing - DRK STR (Khaki)
The Pike Brewing Co - I like Pike (Grey)
21st Amendment - 21A (Black)
Left Hand Brewing Co. (Dark Green)
Brooklyn - Lager (Black)
Deschutes - Black Butte Porter (Black and Yellow)
Odells - 90 Shilling (Blue)
Anchor - Steam Beer (Red)
Toronado Bar (Black)
Rogue Brewing (Blue and White)
Brewdog - Beer for Punks (Black and White)
Rogue Brewing Co. (Khaki)
GABF 2009 (White)
GABF 2010 (Black)
Brodies - Fabulous Beers (Navy Blue)

That makes 21 by my count - and there are another eleven that aren't beer, bar or brewery related.

I'm really sad, I know by it's my session confession.

This months session is being hosted by... All over beer.

If you feel like donating a baseball cap to my collection you'll get a mention on the blog, a beer if you go into The Rake and my sincere thanks!
Happy collecting, Geeks!


thebeermonkey said...

great stuff, glyn.

excellent collection. I do like a baseball cap but my ears are too big to suit them!

i like your shameless ask at the end of your blog. :-)

Rabidbarfly said...

If you don't ask you don't get! And surely I'm famous enough to get sent free stuff now, no? Oh well.

James Cuthbertson said...

I remember a little Dark Star one that was sent to annoy Matt...worked too!

Rabidbarfly said...

Indeed, I have adjusted my list! Thanks James!