Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Stagger to the Olympics say Govt.

I don't usually read the free handout papers in the morning or the evening only because I am simply opposed to them becoming litter later on, they make the already dirty tubes and trains look even more filthy.

One story caught my eye over someone's shoulder this morning though and I found myself intrigued to the point of picking up one of these nasty litter-bombs.

Peter Hendy
On page 20 of the Metro this morning there's a story by Richard Hookham. Get a beer to stagger trips during the olympics says London's transport commissioner, Peter Hendy.  So The Govt are on our side all of a sudden! Well no actually, what this pencil pusher is saying is that if some of us go to the pub and stagger our trips on the already over-used ailing tube network that it will be able to cope better.

This toff is our Mayor, inspiring, isn't he?
Tory toff-twat BOJO also was also quoted in the same article as urging the Olympic Committee to get on the Jubilee line because 'they will love it!' Bollocks BOJO your over-used, aged tube system will not cope with the demands of the extra gazillions of commuters trying to wedge themselves into a steel vessel going at ridiculous speeds underground!

Also, is it only me who is cynical enough to believe that the unions will use the Olympics to hold the govt to ransom over their pay rate?

But back to the original story - the Govt are saying get to your Olympic events after you've had a skinful, after all, it'll be the only way to deal with the shit transport system of our fair capital. You wouldn't want to be sober on the Underground, would you?

Tap East anyone?


Anonymous said...

didn't you hear? Tube workers have rejected a £550 bonus for turning up to work during the olympics! Has any other industry offered a bonus to staff for simply turning up? Of course they bloody haven't! And the rest of us won't have a nice private compartment at the front of the tube to travel on we have our faces shoved into the armpit of the tall gentleman that smells like he's been training for an olympic even that very morning.
If they refuse to actually do their job as laid out in the employment contract that they signed when they got the job then sack 'em and employ someone who will. Greedy, selfish, money grabbing little oiks.

Rabidbarfly said...

Thanks Anon.

wowninjas said...

As much as I hate sensationalist rhetoric.
"Has any other industry offered a bonus to staff for simply turning up? Of course they bloody haven't!" From above.

Bankers anyone?!

Rabidbarfly said...

Good point, well made by the Ninja!

Anonymous said...

Because being a tube driver is as demanding and intellectually as being a banker......

We can live with one but not the other.....

There's always the bike.

M4RKM said...

I would be visiting tap east... that's if I can get to the bar on account of all the tourists are now being told not to get on the tube. I might even just drive everywhere when the Olympics are on, just because all the tourists will be ruining the public transport system.

Or something like that.

Rabidbarfly said...

Bit of Advice M4RKM, don't drive to Stressfield during the Olympics, you won't get in.
Lockdown from 6th June so no cars from then. :(

Ian Cann said...

Really to make the most of the Olympic sporting summer, they ought to issue the same advice to the competitors, would perk up the triple jump no end :)

Rabidbarfly said...

haha, yeah, watching Usain Bolt try and stay in lane would be amusing too!