Saturday, 19 May 2012

Live Blogging(Circle Jerking) - #EBBC12

So this is the first event where I have tried live blogging with a laptop and not felt like the geekiest  fucker in the room!
The first thing I have to say about it is it's bloody freaky being in the same room as someone reading a post I've just written!

Beer 1. Leeds Hellfire, 5.2%
designed to be drunk out of the bottle! eek! Very light pale ale, lots of citrus, wet dog nose(courtesy of Tandleman). Very nice to taste though, Glad I bought a bottle from Beer Ritz. Sam from Leeds Brewery says they designed it to be drunk from the bottle because they think there's something very 'nice' about that, can't say I agree but it's a very drinklable beer!
Beer 2. Otley, Oxymoron, 5.5%
Black IPA, very big on aroma, one of my favourite Otley beers, less bitter than some Black IPA's and quite a nice light body on it. There's still enough roastiness to give it some oomph though. Everything I love about black beers and then some.
Beer 3. Brains Dark, 4.1%
The Otley has been good enough to give this a bit more flavour than usual but it's definitely a beer I could drink time and time again on Cask.
On the nose I'm getting quite a a lot of fruit. Mild, originally called Red Dragon but the regular customers didn't like the name and renamed it themselves. For me a bit too much carbonation and not sure if the Otley beer hasn't given this beer some wine characteristics.
Beer 4. Marble, Earl Grey IPA, 6.8%
A beer so new they don't have labels for it. Brewed with Emmelisse, Earl Grey tea went into the fermenter. Can I see 'dry tea-bagging' becoming popular? probably not. Lot's of citrus on the palate for me, which is good since it's a single hop (Citra) beer. Very easy to drink. Top drop.
Beer 5. Roosters, Baby Faced Assassin, 6.1%
Another 100% citra beer. Roosters say there's mango, apricot and mandarin on the nose, I get all that, really lovely nose, quite sweet on the palate but has a bitterness at the end that belies the initial sweetness. I'd drink it again!
Beer 6. Great Heck, Stormin' Norman, 6.5%
American influenced style IPA. Not getting anything really on the nose, in fact it's something that smells distinctly ordinary, very light, does not taste 6.5% and it's not one that I'd rush back to but it's not a bad beer. Served by a Krankee.
Beer 7. Slaters, Top Totty, 4%
A blonde beer from a family brewery. Lot's of parliamentry controversy on this one. I am well documented on 'slating' this beer and most others from slaters so I've got to try and be as objective as possible. Have to say I'm not enjoying the beer though, it has a lovely nose but there is  literally nothing on the palate. The chap next to me says, you could choose to swallow it if you want. I agree, you could also swallow the bull I'm hearing from the brewery folks. Pants.
Beer 8, Camden Town, USA Helles, 4.6%
All American hopped helles, unfiltered. I like this London based brewery, I think they're doing the right thing with their beers. Really light, nicely refreshing and clean. Tandleman doesn't like it but he doesn't have tastebuds.
Beer 9. Adnams, Ghost Ship, 4.5% 
I'm not Adnams greatest fan but there are some of their beers that I do enjoy. This is a pale ale(my fave style of beer). Not much on the nose. on the palate I get Jasmin and Apricot, not too much bitterness, very easyto drink and I would definitely buy this if it was on the bar!
Beer 10, Innis & Gunn Scottish Pale Ale,Hate the nose, too sweet with vanilla and grants whiskey(bad memories from a whiskey binge 20 years ago).
Sorry not my bag.


ABrewHaHa said...

Leeds Brewery, a beer designed to be drunk from the bottle. FAIL!

Professor Pie-Tin said...

Hi Glyn,
If you keep these comebacks up you'll soon be known as the Frank Sinatra of the beer bloggers.
Wahaay !

rabidbarfly said...

@BrewHaHa - I agree, although the actual beer was quite nice!
@PPT - Thinking George Foreman myself. ;)

Anonymous said...

No way! Another Earl Grey IPA. The YeastieBoys here in NZ just did one called Gunnamatta #teabagging

Anonymous said...

Just had an Earl Grey IPA here in NZ too by the Yeastieboys. Great minds eh? #teabagging