Sunday, 2 September 2012

Bacon, Everyone Loves It.

***DISCLAIMER*** This post may look or sound like a hangover cure. It ain't, if anything it will make it worse.

right, I'm sorted, what are you lot having?

This all started with an innocent Bacon tweet : Not sure there's anything better than a toasted bacon and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Anywhere....ever.

Being twitter that started a worldwide debate on the best ways to serve the Godsend that is fried pig.

Phil Lowry thinks that egg and bacon (with black pudding and mushrooms) is best for bacon top trumps. He's wrong, and loses said bacon top trumps.

In Japan, Martyn Cornell proves that whilst he may be an expert beer historian, he's a bit of an amateur when it comes to bacon : scrap the cheese, add Daddies brown sauce and make sure the bread is wholemeal??? - wtf?

Natedawg reckons Phil's is ok but : leave the mushrooms. Black pudding is apparently necessary though.

Mitch Adams, now turning it into a hangover cure debate - Agrees with me though, wholemeal is all wrong has to be ketchup and clean sliced white bread.

One of my Afc Wimbledon buddies, Bubble is close : Sausage, Bacon and Eggs is a good place to start. Scrap the eggs and we have a winner.

Liberty Bear Steve : Eggy crumpets, crispy bacon and maple syrup....This ain't the States!

Cornell(again, jeez!)  best cure is apparently : Elderflower cordial diluted 5:1 with mineral water. And Coffee. And Bacon. - to be honest Martyn, I wouldn't put all that in a drink, or on a plate for that matter. Messy.

Simon Johnson thinks we're all amateurs without putting a splash on Hendersons relish on it. Bloody norverners.

Thomas Marshall says bacon on cheese in a bagel bap with a bit of hot source - The source of hot what I wonder....?

Right, since you lot turned it into a hangover cure debate, I'll just get onto the best cure for a hangover.....

More Beer. Suffice to say, Sunday will NOT be productive.


Filrd said...

You're all wrong, black treacle cure back bacon is the way forward, fresh free range nuclear glowing runny yolk & white bread, for sauce see extra runny yolk. Washed down with lashings of rust coloured Yorkshire tea!

Sadly I'm in Morocco currently and I ain't seen pig of any discription for a week...

Ben (@CptCheerful) said...

I had bacon & maple syrup pancakes for the first time recently. Ridiculously good.

rabidbarfly said...

Phil - I hate Egg. It comes from being force fed it as a child.
bacon and maple syrup on pancakes is great!...In the States!

Tandleman said...

Bacon and maple syrup is just ridiculous. Yeuch.

Paul Hext said...

Phil Lowry has it right in my book, cheese and bacon is just wrong, when I get my arse out of bed it's sausages, egg, bacon, black pudding, mushrooms, plum tomatoes, sauteed potatoes and fried bread. The latter is one of the few times that white bread is acceptable.

Coffee, rather than tea for me. And for a hangover a Mars bar and full fat coke, followed by more beer!

Professor Pie-Tin said...

I'd like to recommend bacon, hummus and avocado in toasted pitta bread as an excellent hangover cure.

Although to be honest a damn good wank has been my tried and tested method for decades.

Especially as it really pisses off the missus.

Wahaay !

dredpenguin said...

Bacon and Mature Cheddar (melted ofc), on a toasted white bap, splash of BBQ sauce.

Breakfast and hangover cure of champions