Monday, 31 December 2012

Hoppy New Beer Everyone!

Morning all,

Just thought I'd say a quick Happy New Year and I hope that 2013 is a prosperous one for all of you. 2012 has been a very interesting year and I haven't had nearly enough time to blog about it. I have, however enjoyed reading the following blogs in the last 12 months...

Always interesting and thought provoking. Although I still hate that I don't know who they are!

He's over a thousand posts and he's still going - it must be all in the wrist or something ;)

Creatively and knowledgeably written blog about beer & food matching. Bloody nice bloke n'all!

Nate might seem like an angry young man to many, but he's also an honest & talented blogger. We need more of that!

Don't be put off by his flowery writing style, he might wear crocs but it's never been proven!

Last but by no means least there's Melissa. Knowledgeable about beer, knowledgeable about food and mixes the two perfectly.

There are many more but alas time is never on my side. Happy new year peeps and thanks for reading! Here's to 2013 being a mighty fine vintage!


Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

Thanks for the mention
It’s you that wears crocs, morning, day and night… ;-)

rabidbarfly said...

Actually, old son, I'm wearing some rather fetching tan boots today! Happy New Year!

Professor Pie-Tin said...

I bet you're still wearing that bloody hat as well !

Happy New Year you tart.

rabidbarfly said...

Hahaha, of course!