Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Greene King get National Distribution of Goose Island

This troubles me.

I can't fucking stand Greene King! Bunch of band wagon jumping numpties who needed a 'craft' brand to give them some credibility.

I doubt very much it will be left at that, I predict that it will be a matter of years before they are brewing it under license at Bury St Edmunds and making as much of an arse out of a craft brand that Sheps did with Sam Adams.

For the record, i don't care if you like the so-called craft brand from GK, i don't so spare the rest of us would you.

Rant over. As you were!


Unknown said...

Ok, so Goose Island IPA is tasting as good or arguably better than it ever has and now with a bigger distribution deal it might get a good beer into the hands of more people.

How many people who have tasting GI IPA have gone on to discover great beer as a whole? A metric fuck-ton, that's how many.

So yes, it's a big boy playing with 'craft' but apart from the suits looking to capitalise I fail to see this as a bad thing.

If the quality of the beer in question begins to change, then it's a bad thing.

Sat In A Pub said...

Terrible news. I can't see any upside at all. You only have to look at Sheps shit version of Sam Adams to see the future.

rabidbarfly said...

Firstly Goose Island is NOT as good as it used to be at all.
Secondly it is a gateway beer and that's good. great more people that discover it the better but through GK. No, can't see it.
For big boys playing with craft see Sheps and Sam Adams - they've fucked it up royally.
Don't get me wrong, Matt, i hope they get it right but i just can't see it.

Unknown said...

I've been a pretty regular drinker of GI pre and post AB-InBev era and can't honestly say I've noticed a dip in quality or consistency. Maybe it's the fact that they're owned by AB-InBev that's leaving a bitter taste in your throat? ;)

As for Sam Adams, I don't really blame Sheps for that as it wasn't a particularly great beer to begin with. You can only brew something as good as the recipe you're given to work with after all...

rabidbarfly said...

Sam Adams brewed over here is a completely different beer!

Anonymous said...

How many pepoile try GK IPA as their first cask beer and think "not for me"
The fact is, if the beers good enough it doesn't need to be classified as "craft", a term which I dislike