Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Good Guys

This week amongst getting filthy in the warehouse and doing my usual ordering nonsense i've been putting together a list of suppliers for whoever takes over the purchasing role for Utobeer when i leave in 5 weeks time.

I have also been putting together a list of suppliers that i would never use and should never, ever be contacted.

I'm glad to say that the list that IS used is almost 20 times longer than those who we will never use and that really brings it home that beer and the brewing industry is generally one of the friendliest businesses to work in.

It does restore a bit of my faith in humanity, at least in some small part of my cynical, blackened soul.


Professor Pie-Tin said...

Jaysus Glyn - you go months without blogging a thing and now you're fucking off you're 'aving it large.

You should fuck off more often.

Wahaay !

rabidbarfly said...

and when i get there, fuck off some more!

rabidbarfly said...

by the way PPT, your email addy seems to have disappeared. can you email me on please? cheers old bean.