Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Blaming John...

Well, if John is the name of your head of marketing, JW Lees, I would blame him, i'd flog the fucker publicly if i were you. Let's all just take a moment to actually read this and take it in.....

Ooh how we laughed......


According to JW Lees it's just a bit of fun. Actually, it's utter rubbish, JW Lees, sack your marketing team, get with the 21st century and act like adults for a change instead of a bunch of naughty schoolboys.

Whilst i'm here, what the fuck is with that glass!!??


Pubman Matt said...

I actually like the glass. But not the rest so please dont hurt me.

Cooking Lager said...

I'm not dismissing the issue but am I the only that senses exaggerated outrage at beer sexism twitter storms?

I'm not dismissing it, the advert is crass. But crassness is how blokes talk to each other, even enlightened ones, and the advert taps into that. Most beer is consumed by men so maybe that's why most is advertised at men?

I'm not offended by laddish "bants", but it is tiresome. It's not outrage but weariness and disinterest if that's the best they can do to get me to buy a beer.

Secondly I wonder why some professional beer writers jump on this. Is it to be seen to be right on, on social media. Building up the cred among the fans? Here's a bandwagon, quick jump on it, remind people I'm alive and someone might actually pay me real actual money to write something.

I mean your actual feminists are campaigning for the genuine injustices faced by women. The fact that there is still a gender pay gap. The fact that female versions of some products are priced higher than mens. There's a lot of actual benefit to actual meaningful feminism.

Like this bird says here

Getting offended by beer commercials? Just don't buy the beer. That'll teach 'em. Then get angry about something that matters.

Glyn Roberts said...

wow, Cookie, you should have a blog or something... ;-)

Professort Pie-Tin said...

Don't encourage him.I've only just woken up from his last one.
" Bought cheap lout.Got pissed.Shagged the squeeze.Pongy ale.Repeat endlessly. "