Sunday, 28 June 2015

Beer & Football, Part Deux!

When looking through my blog reading list, I often see the Barons titled 'Looking Forward to...' on the list; this means he's been sent beer that he can't try right away.

This is my Looking forward to blog..... 

I'm looking forward to the first beer festival to be held by AFC Wimbledon! Yes a much brighter note than the last beer and football blog i wrote. 

The festival runs:
Friday 10th July from 5pm - 1am
Saturday 11th July from 12 noon - 1am - There is also the Watford pre-season friendly being played from 3pm that day.
Sunday 12th July 12 noon - 6pm

Apparently the festival is being run in partnership with the new Wimbledon brewery and there will be 40 ales, Ciders, Perries and Craft Beers available from local and regional brewers. 
Ale FC Wimbledon...

For anyone interested in meeting up for a beer, i'll be going on the Friday night after work. Hope to see you all there!


Professor Pie-Tin said...

Welcome back Glyn.
Did you actually write anything in Cape Town or just get pissed ?
Seems a good excuse for a break either way. which seems to have done you the power of good - two consecutive posts without a sweary rant in them.
Wahaay !

Glyn Roberts said...

hahaha, just got pissed, Matey! Not really, i wrote half the first draft of a novel, it is ongoing....Probably off to Cape Town again in October!

Natalie Richardson said...

Hi Glyn, do you have an email address that I can contact you on? Thanks, Natalie

Glyn Roberts said...

Hi Natalie, i do. What's it regarding please?