Sunday, 20 September 2009

Alone at last

Well, here it is at last, MY version of free speech! It'll probably inlcude more stuff about work than you may want to read but hey, this is my blog, if you don't like it...don't read it.
A brief introduction to myself is probably in order so here we go.

Name : Glyn Roberts
Age : ing rapidly
Job : I'm the Manager of the award winning beer bar, The Rake.

Why am I suddenly blogging? Well, I get absolutely aghast at some of the so-called, self-imposed 'experts' who constantly write about the beer world and frankly, my bar, and I want my say. Why not comment on their blogs? They have the power to delete posts and I want my say. Simple and you might say it's a wee a bit childish? You might say that, that's your right, we live in a free country and i'll probably leave most posts on here(unless they are offensive in some way).

Anyway, I'm here now, we'll see how it goes, hopefully i'll see you in The Rake.

Beer me!

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