Saturday, 20 February 2010

Welsh Beer Festival 2010

It's nearly here, one week to go before the big kick-off to a week of Welsh Beers at The Rake.
Doors open at 12pm on Sunday don't try getting in any earlier because you'll get told 'mynd allan a lluosi'. Well not really but I just wanted to put something Welsh there!
There will be two Lovebeer Meet the Brewer sessions with Buster from Breaconshire Brewery and he'll be going through the following beers :

Golden Valley
Ramblers Ruin
Winter Beacon
Night Beacon
Ysbrid y Draig

The tastings will be at 1pm and 3.30pm and you can get tickets at The Rake or by calling 020 7378 9461 there are only 15 tickets per tasting so get in there quick, knowing Buster this'll be a lot of fun!

The beer list for the week is as follows :
Otley : O1, O-Garden, O-Rosie & Motley Brew
Purple Moose : Dark Side of the Moose, Snowdonia & Calon Lan
Breaconshire : Cribyn & Ramblers Ruin
Monty's : Mojo & Midnight
Warcop : Caspa Lager & Raiders
Tudor : Blorenge
Tomos Watkin : 1879(kegged fizzy for Cooking Lager) & Cwrw Ceridwen
Vale of Glamorgan : Grog Y Vog & Wheats Occuring
Great Orme : Celtica
Ryhmney : Dark
Bryncelyn : Buddy Marvellous
Conwy : Telford Porter
Plassey : Offa's Dyke Ale
Swansea : Deep Slade Dark

There will also be a hot food offer provided by Andy Wright owner of Loaf Supplies and Tom Harding of Mootown will also be doing a cheese selection for your enjoyment.

Remember if you can't get down on the Sunday then don't panic there will be Welsh beers on all week!
I personally am really excited about trying some of these beers and it should be a great week in general. Iechyd da!


Chunk said...

Looks good. I will hopefully be down on the Sunday, but I'll be in during the week if I can't make it. On holiday ... so should be easy to find time! :)


Brew Wales said...

A good range, will repost on my site later this week. Off to a brewery at the moment!

Rabidbarfly said...

Chunk - it'll be good to see you again, no excuses if you're on holiday!
Arfur - Cheers for that, I look forward to seeing you there.

Mark said...

I should be up on Sunday for this. Man flu has been holding me back from beer and this is the gleaming light at the end of the snotty-tissue-strewn tunnel!

But you know what... I don't know hardly any of these breweries?! You will have to point me in the right direction mate.

Cap'n BOB Marshall said...

Tom Harding from Mootown serves some good cheese...and he's gooorrgeous

Anonymous said...

Glyn, are tyou doing anything similar this MArch? ta