Sunday, 4 July 2010

Beerymoon - Part Seven

I have to complete this series before I forget everything I drank, ate and did. Pity it's so fucking late really, I'm going to be knackered tomorrow!
The last post about San Francisco is not about the last place we went, it just happens to be my favourite, It's 21st Amendment. The first time we went in there it was on the Saturday night just before the baseball game we went to. I went for the Brew Free or Die IPA, I love the name and it's fair to say I love the beer too, it's a big but drinkable IPA that's really well balanced. Fair to say I don't think I had a better beer the whole time we were there.
The bar is laid out nicely, it's square, there's a lot of space behind there. There's a restaurant area with an open kitchen at the back, above the kitchen there's a mezzanine area. It's all pale wood, a bit like an all bar one only better and with cooler beer!
The service is impeccable as usual, there are enough seats around the bar to satisfy most people that want to sit at it whilst still having room for those that just come to the bar for their drinks.
Mrs RBF had a Watermelon Wheat beer, now I'm not one for sticking fruit in beer but this is presented differently.
Unlike the 'tards that put lemon in Hoegaarden or the brewer 'tards that say putting orange slice in the Blue Moon will enhance the flavour, the slice of Watermelon is served wedged onto the rim of the glass having no contact with the beer and it provides a tasty treat to go with it!
I could easily have spent the rest of the trip in this bar but it wasn't a beer trip(if I say that enough times, I might just believe it!).
I decided that I couldn't come to this place without trying the food and I was going to get a burger before another customer sat next to us at the bar ordered jerk chicken and my mind was made up!
It was so well presented and really hit the spot! I'm not usually someone who likes spicy food but I have found my perfect match for the spicy foods from now, unfortunately I'm going to have to make do with another hugely hopped IPA as you can't get the Brew Free or Die IPA over here. What a perfect mix, the heat of the Jerk played off against the cool of the Hop. It was heaven, I have to cook it, and soon! If you want to read a better post about this kind of beer and food match, then you can read Mark's version here.
There were other beers we had there(one or two anyway) but I stuck to the Brew Free or Die IPA most of the time.

I'll leave you with this thought on San Francisco and I'm going to quote a young man who's far too excited about beer in general(and we thank him for that!)...
FABPOW!!! Best place to get beer anywhere on the planet! I can't wait to go back.
That's the last post on San Francisco, I can heartily say we love it there, if you go we're sure you will too. Until Next time.


Mark said...

I loved 21A too. I wish it was baseball season when I went though - I spend a couple of hours mooching around AT&T before I met Phil Lowry in 21A for pre-lunch beer. I also got to go into the brewery and sneaked a quick picture with me and some watermelons!

I need to go back to San Francisco sometime soon...

Chunk said...

I reckon that you could lightly flavour some chicken with Jerk seasoning (if you don't like
things too spicy) and then have it with Odell St Lupulin. The lighter beer would work well with
lightly "jerked" not full on "jerked". I had Cajun chicken like this with St Lupulin the other day
and it was awesome. Just an idea.

If I ever get to SF, 21A is near the top of the list.

Rabidbarfly said...

As I said, I don't usually like the heat of the jerk but the Brew Free or Die IPA was well hopped enough that it made the whole experience top notch, definitely one I'm going to try at home!