Friday, 23 July 2010

Bored, No Really!

Just when you thought it was safe to buy beer from Brewdog again, they've gone and released a new beer called End of History(EOH).
EOH is a 55% abv beer that is presented in either a stoat £500 or a squirrel £700! Yes these prices are insane but Taxidermy is an expensive thing to produce!
If you work in the beer world, you knew that sooner or later something like this would happen, if not it's yet another marvellous stunt to promote this crazy craft brewery from Aberdeenshire. Or not. There has been much criticism of this latest release, some of it about the way these animals were killed/procured etc...some of it is about the strength of the beer and of course there's the arguments about the price. I put my own view to James Watt over Twitter, I've yet to have a response but I'd like to think he's intelligent enough to take it on board even though he has posted a response on beer advocate which is erm...less than eloquent?
Apparently EOH is already sold out, if this is the case they have done extremely well in selling this one to the beer geeks or roadkill enthusiasts. Even if I'd had the money lying about, I doubt I wouldn't have wasted it on this, frankly I'm a little tired of the Brewdog roller coaster and want them to get back to brewing fantastic beers such as Riptide, Chaos Theory, Paradox Smokehead etc..this(or at least a small part of it) was how Brewdog became so loved amongst the beer enthusiasts.
I'm not going to waste my breath saying stop it with the stunts because they won't listen to me but I would like them to start brewing the Chaos Theory again, in my opinion this is their best beer by a country mile.


Anonymous said...

When they announced they would have big news this week I held my breath... It was a HUGE disappointment.
BrewDog used to be about forward-thinking; they are/were genuine mavericks in the brewing world. The End Of History is at most treading the same ground as TNP and STB but could be seen as a backward step - wasn't taxidermey big in Victorian times?
A steaming big log of. So they ditch Rip Tide and Chaos Theory and continue to dickie around. They should be concentrating on brewing Punk IPA that's drinkable instead of the soap flavoured dishwater it's become too. Rant over.

Sid Boggle said...

£6K for 11 bottles of beer which apparently was an 'opportunity' brew is nice business if you can get it. I thought beer was a sociable mass-market drink, but perhaps BD think that it's punk to have one beer on supermarket shelves at a quid a bottle while simultaneously knocking out a few drops of ticker spooge packaged in the cast of 'The Wind In The Willows' for stupid money. I wonder how many buyers will actually open these bottles?
Like you said, BORING.