Thursday, 12 May 2011

Have a read.

All's been very quiet on the beery blog front recently, as some of you will be aware I've been busy(beer festivals to plan, holidays to take) and I try not to blog about work on here*. 
This has meant that I've not had a hell of a lot to bang on about recently as you've probably noticed.
What I have been doing though is a lot of reading as there has been a lot of great blogs being written recently.
Here are a few of them...

Reluctant Scooper : What I did on my Holidays I just love his writing. Top bloke too!

Cooking Lager :  Choice Cookies Back with a bang!

Tombstoned Paladin : Negativity and Not Much Else Great first post from one of my staff. Puts me to shame.

Ghost Drinker : Story Telling - Continue!

The Beer Monkey : Should CAMRA Promote All 'Craft' Beer? Good healthy debate? In the beer world?

Tandleman : Some Bottle - Clearly Peter knows what he's talking about! ;-)

Hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did! It proves that there are great people writing great stuff#.

*too often
#I'm just not one of them.


Ghost Drinker said...

Cheers Gyln, that's pretty much my reading list there. Looking forward to you getting back on the posts, and kicking up the Rake bar shinanagins! (sp?) :)

rabidbarfly said...

My pleasure mate, love your blog, it's brill!