Thursday, 2 February 2012

What a Week!

And it's not even over yet!

First, British Guild of Beer Writers, Beer Writer of the Year, Ben McFarland goes all Metrosexual on us and declares the pint glass ugly and calls for some pretty glassware.
For the record, there is room for the pint glass and any other glassware that the Govt chooses to make legal and I also took great pleasure in offering to buy Ben a pint at The Bull in Highgate last night! I'm so hilarious.

Then our Government goes all PC and get rid of Slaters Top Totty off the bar in Strangers, the Parliament bar.
For the record there are much better beers with much better names out there, sorry Slaters but you just don't cut it for me.

As if that wasn't enough I've had a raging Beeriod all fucking day. Really not fair.
For the record. Fucking Ouch!

I've also just seen that the producers of The Hangover films are thinking of making it a trilogy.
Only three hangovers? Fucking amateurs!

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