Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Get a Life

In the interests of clarity, this is a 'No trolling' blog. My last post on NateDawg seems to have brought out some rather uninteresting and frankly unsavoury characters.

I have deleted every message myself because frankly that was abuse and this blog has no place for it.

Keep it to your late night forums, douche bags.

Get a life.


Unknown said...

Well said. Just because you hide behind a pseudonym or anonymous log on doesn't mean what you're doing isn't bullying.

Fashion Detective said...

Here here! (Or is it hear hear?) Either way, this is a fantastic blog and the trolls can feck off. Keep up the good work RB x

rabidbarfly said...

Thank you ladies xx

Jimmy_Ale86 said...

If you want to know who this is you might want to check out the Metal section over at the Bug Chaser forums. There's a big thread there taking the piss out of us all.


rabidbarfly said...

Jimmy, I don't really care, I'll just moderate comments from now on.