Thursday 26 July 2012

Olympics Delivery Disruption SHOCKER!!

I saw this article in The Publican's Morning Advertiser this morning and let out a big sigh. Isn't it a bit late to be warning people their deliveries might be disrupted during the games? I was emailing customers months ago warning them about this stuff! The quote from the British Beer and Pub's Association spokesman is also frankly bizzare.
To claim that only pubs on or around the ORN(Olympic Route Network) will have their deliveries affected is just wrong. As someone who works for a beer distribution company I can tell you that deliveries are being affected all over London.
Whoever this spokesman is, please extract head from arse, old chap.

I do agree with most of the article though, particularly the part about customers not talking to their suppliers. There seems to be a lot of reluctance for businesses to move their delivery times and some of these businesses do not seem to realise that they are on the ORN! You really can tell who has done their homework and who has not! For those of you that have, well done, you are on my Christmas card list. For those that haven't, sigh.

Enjoy the games.

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Sid Boggle said...

Christmas cards? That's a first... ;-)