Monday, 7 December 2015

Stop Taking the Good Ones!

Many of you will have already heard the terrible news of Glenn Payne's passing away, yesterday.
The man, the myth, the legend, Glenn Payne.
Even though i don't know anything about the circumstances of his death, I felt i should write something about his life, or at the very least the last 7 years of it which is how long i knew Glenn for.

It is a testament to Glenn that so many people are expressing their sadness about his passing and they are doing it from all over the world, that's just how far his influence goes.

So what do I remember about Glenn Payne? 

I first met Glenn in 2008 when I was working at The White Horse in Parson's Green, it was our American Beer Festival and it was slammed. He was there with two other people who would also change my life for the better, Mike Hill and Richard Dinwoodie, owners of Utobeer, who i went on to work for shortly afterwards when i took the reigns at The Rake. I remember his standout character even then, whilst we were all surrounded by the baying mobs of horribly rude sloanies wanting beer he was utterly polite as well as being the life and soul.

I remember all the silly voices he used to put on especially that faux Jamaican one, not very PC but we all loved him for that! Reespek, innit!

His love of football, I forgave him being a Tottenham fan because he was such a nice bloke and i had promised to take him to see the mighty Dons one day when we got back to our spiritual home. Unhappily he was taken from us all too soon.

Most of all i will remember his overwhelming capacity for generosity of spirit. There was literally nothing he wouldn't do for you if he could, he introduced you to people, he introduced you to good beer. Glenn had a way with people, you just couldn't dislike him and it seemed that there was no one that Glenn didn't know in the beer world.
It wasn't just about the beer either, for Glenn it was about good company; he was good company. I remember GABF in 2011 and Glenn, myself, Jeff Nickel, Brad Kraus & Melissa Cole spent pretty much an entire day together, just eating, drinking and laughing around various haunts in Denver, it's a day i, for one, will never forget.

As i type this with tears stinging my eyes i've just realised that no words will ever be enough so i'm going to stop now and go and raise a pint to him at 10am when the local bar opens here in Cape Town.

Lastly I would like to just say this; if there is one person that personifies the phrase "Good people drink good beer" it was Glenn Payne.

I would love to hear your memories of Glenn, so if you feel like sharing them, please do so.


Unknown said...

I've known Glenn for a few years. His name was given to me as someone we had to speak too in the early days of Ales By Mail. His help was invaluable - offered without expectation of return and right on the money every time. We became and remained friends and it was a real joy to find him at any beer event I was attending, because I knew at some point we'd get to speak and catch up. The last time I recall being able to share his company for a lengthy period was the Manchester Winter Ales festival - he was a guest of JW Lees and we spent a delightful couple of hours setting the beer world to rights. Oh for another minute, another hour another day....

Others are feeling his departure far more than I - and for them I offer my deepest sympathy.

Paul Kruzycki

Martyn Railton said...

"How the devil are you?" And you know he always meant it because of the personal questions he asked afterwards.

As soon as I walked into a room, he'd get in my face & tap on the closest thing to hand "Bmmm, Bmmm, bmm bm bm bm bmmm y**s" and then ask: "so how are the Arse doing?"

He had so many sayings that we won't be able to hear again. So, So sad!

rabidbarfly said...

he connected to so many people, i hope those of us left behind can do that justice!

Ed said...

I only met him the once, but I did get to say to him that he was one of my beer heroes. Seemed a nice chap.

Melissa Cole - sommALEier & beer writer said...

Lovely post Glynn x

rabidbarfly said...

thanks Mel x