Monday, 6 June 2016

Fullers 'I Could Do That' Day A Hit With Old Blokes

Well known family brewer, Fullers are celebrating fathers day this June by running a competition called 'I Could Do That' day.
Aimed squarely at blokes who have always wanted to run their own pub but never had the bollocks, 'I Could Do That' day is predicted to be a massive hit as they are under the false impression they'll be able to show the bar staff how to pour beer properly before having to admit that they actually don't have a fucking scoobie.
The winning bloke will also have the opportunity to try and remember more than one drink at a time on the order whilst being shouted at by three different customers and trying to figure out who was actually first at the bar, regardless of which type of banknote is being waved in their faces as they try to put beer down without spilling it; and for that extra 'I Could Do That' authenticity they will be able to experience the asshole that orders Guinness last before telling said asshole that they don't serve Guinness here, just crafty Fullers stout.
The competition will also involve the winning blokes face and name on the pub sign and his favourite food groups on the menu.
Middle aged beer blagger, Rancidbarly is said to be disappointed that he doesn't qualify due to not having impregnated some random years ago as he was looking forward to having his favourite food stuffs on the menu at his local which would have read a bit like this...

12 Might-Be-Chicken Nuggets & BBQ jus
Fucking Humongous Burger with Everything, served w/cheesy chips
Cake, Don't Care What Type.
 (to be served on the way home)
Chicken Doner w/ Garlic Marinarde

When asked what he would have called the pub had he been allowed to enter, and won, our favourite crafty beer hero replied 'The Drunken Halfwit'.

Entries can be made on the Fullers website where people can upload pictures of their old man and tell the family owned company why their dad should win in 140 characters or less. Apparently 'To get the grumpy old bastard out of the house' is the most popular answer so far with a massive 5m entries.

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