Tuesday 21 April 2020

The Lockdown Chronicles #3

After a little over a month of being incarcerated locked down in his own home, our favourite beer idiot, Rancidbarfly has been living up to his name.

With his sleep patterns all over the place things came to a head at 3am this morning when, whilst wide awake he managed to sit through almost three whole episodes of Brews Brothers on Netflix.

With used beer cans strewn around his front room and wearing pyjamas that were trying to walk into the washing machine on their own, our hero had gotten to the utterly bored point of not being able to decide what to watch any more as he had completed all the porn on the internet and the Disney channel and had finally found himself at a loss.
Having heard some colourful reports from some well rounded members of the beer crafteratti he opened up Netflix with some trepidation and found Brews Brothers, ironically tucked away in comedies.

With the premiss being two antagonists run a brewery with all manner of illegal, slapstick shit happening from day to day the program is based in a craft brewery, tucked away in a shitty neighbourhood of LA and not doing very well.

Rancid finally had enough at almost 5.30am having watched "inverted commas" nearly three episodes. The only thing he could remember was 1) piss in beer, 2) food-truck sex and 3) underage brewery manager. Other than that Rancid's brain appeared to not take any of this nonsense in a fit of pique he tidied up the front room, put the recycling out, showered and once dressed looked for actual work to do.
Remembering though that the UK is still in lockdown and his work had completely dried up, his brain had the idea of at least finishing the series of Brews Brothers. Rancidbarfly then did something he never usually did, he took the more sensible option which at 5.47am precisely, happened to be trying to Facetime the speaking clock.

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