Wednesday 21 April 2010

School Report for Taylors : Must try Harder

My new local in Streatham is Taylors, an ex-Irish pub(O'Niells I think) that now has gone the way of the high street shitty pub. The Draught beer range consists of...Guinness, Guinness Extra Cold, Fosters, Kronenbourg, Strongbow and Youngs Ordinary. There are a couple of decent beers in the fridge but nothing particularly interesting, Leffe Blond and Hoegaarden.
If you read this blog regularly you'll know that my fall back beer of choice is Guinness, I don't care which one, they taste the same to me(IE inoffensive, you can't fuck them up without REALLY trying hard). I have nothing against Wells/Youngs Ordinary, in fact in my opinion that particular beer has benefited from moving from Wandsworth, but the fact is that I have NEVER seen anyone order the Youngs in Taylors means that I for one will never be brave enough to do so.
I recently said in an interview that pubs need to try harder to keep the punters interested, I meant it too, Lazy managers and landlords are costing them their businesses and basically giving way to big pubco's who have the buying power to sustain interest in their offer. I meet my best man, his wife and my soon-to-be-wife in Taylors simply because it is close to our houses, if a manager with a bit of vision was to open somewhere in Streatham, we would probably drink there instead.
I'm having a moan today because the A-Board outside Taylors clearly states that they serve Sunday Roasts, great, they have a kitchen I thought, as my first beer post-birthday needed some food to soak it up. I go to the bar, I ask for a pint of Guinness(offered the choice of extra cold or normal, this time I went for normal)here's how the next bit of the conversation panned out...
Me : do you serve sandwiches?
Barmaid : No the kitchen will be open soon
Me : great, what time?
Barmaid : I don't know, in two or three weeks.
Two or three weeks!!!!!!! Even by the shittiest service standards that's 'a bit of a wait' for a sarnie!
For the manager/owner/operator of Taylors, if you don't have a kitchen, take the fucking A-Board in advertising it! Try a little bit harder please, don't let your business give way to your apathy, if you're willing to let that happen why are you doing it?
I went and sat down nursing a pint of Guinness and a packet of Walkers BBQ Rib flavoured crisps....rubbish!


Mark Dredge said...

Two to three weeks?! LOL! Brilliant.

Where do the Sunday roasts come from?!

rabidbarfly said...

I have the feeling that they're not doing roasts at all, just being lazy with the A-Board, the other side of it is advertising sport after all, far more important than a food offer