Sunday 12 September 2010

Best of the South West at The Rake

This is one of Ugly Fucker'sTom's better pictures
As part of my Deputy Manager's training, he has to organise a beer festival at The Rake and since he spent a couple of years in the west country he decided that his festival should be all about the south west.
The list of beers is pretty huge, probably bigger than I would have done but he's a glass half full kinda guy and thinks he'll sell it all in a week. Good luck to him, It's going be cool and I just pray there's no morris dancing involved! That's what they do down there isn't it?

What I want to know is can Tom erect the cask racking in the shape of Stonehenge? How cool would that be?
Anyway enough of poking fun at my Deputy Manager, there is a serious ask here and it's that you all come along to his South West Beer Fest at The Rake between 31st October and 6th November. If you do you'll not only be supporting Tom who is one of the nicest blokes you'll ever meet, but craft beer from one of the most beautiful places in our green and pleasant land.
Hope to see you at The Rake!


Stig said...

Excellent, see you there! Can we have some south-westerly cheese too please?

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

Hope there’s some Moor and Bath there, while cheeses of the region to be celebrated might include Green’s of Glasto plus those soft fellas from Bath; Exmoor Blue and Sharpham Brie aren’t bad either.

rabidbarfly said...

Cheese will be on the menu, Tom hasn't told me which ones yet though.
@Adrian click the link to see the beer list, Bath and Moor both on it.