Wednesday, 15 September 2010

London Brewers Love-In

The London Brewers Alliance is doing good things, nay great things. Years ago London was the hub of British brewing, in recent years it has given way for places like Sheffield, Manchester, Scotland and Wales. Not any more! a hardy group of brewers from various London breweries have come together, united one might say, to produce a new London Porter. They have banded together as the London Brewers Alliance and started shouting about the growing brewing scene in London. They've even made a cool video.
They have put aside sizes of breweries and bank accounts to put London Brewing on the map again.

This Friday, 6pm at Brew Wharf, they are showcasing some of the best beers Britain has to offer, and it's all from London!
It's a great venue to hold such an event as Borough has some of the best pubs and bars in London to explore and enjoy craft beer in general.
Best of all, it's a Friday night and you can sleep it off on Saturday! ;-)
I hope to see you there supporting the alliance,after all, without customers, there would be no reason to do any of this so, go along, enjoy the evening and pat yourselves on the back for supporting some of the finest brews in Britain.

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