Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Biere de Garb

Gratuitous half-naked girls
For those of you that haven't met me, I have the pleasure and the privilege to run The Rake, a box that kinda purports to be a speciality beer bar. You'd think that Utobeer would have got someone who's outgoing and interesting but if you read this blog on a regular basis you'll know that I'm really quite dull.
There are simple pleasures that I enjoy such as spending time with my wife, enjoying the odd glass of beer(or 5!), watching cricket with my friends, collecting baseball caps(yes you read correctly) and wearing beery apparel.

Yep, I'm one of the saddo's that wears beer t-shirts and baseball caps and thinks they're cool, although you'll have to ask my mate The Fashion Detective if it's true!
I have round about twenty-five baseball caps of which 13 are currently beer/brewery ones and I also own about 50 t-shirts of which 26 are beer ones. When Mrs RBF and I went to San Francisco I took one baseball cap with me and came back with 7! I also bought a few t-shirts over there(brewery and bar ones of course). So sad. But then I've always been like that, if it's free it's cool, just ask the people that get sent free beer.
yes...I'm naked.
There's a mixture of gifts and purchases, sometimes I buy them, sometimes they are donated by friends or breweries(or brewing friends!) we work with at The Rake.

You will I'm sure be happy to know that I've got no intention of wearing sandals outside, flip flops inside is as far as I go and none, I stress again, NONE of my beer t-shirts have the word 'Lagerboy' on them!

Also if you're at a brewery and you feel like you want to donate, grab me a baseball cap or a t-shirt, I'll pay in beer or cash and you'll have my eternal thanks too!
So, Live Long and Prosper, yes I'm so sad I was watching Star Trek whilst writing this! 


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention you have a Star Trek tattoo. Feel free to delete this comment. Ha ha ha.

Sid Boggle said...

I might be able to sort you with a tee shirt with 'lagerboy' on it... B-)

Rabidbarfly said...

Dear Anon : yes I have a stra trek tattoo, my very talented niece did it for me, I have a back piece lined up too.
Sid : Really, no thanks!

UnfriendlyGhost said...

In the same way, I have tons of t-shirts and baseball caps adorned with game company logos. Nothing to be ashamed of. Top marks for the "lagerboy" reassurance!

Professor Pie-Tin said...

Is this where the term " twat in a hat " came from ?

I jest, of course !

Rabidbarfly said...

knew I could count on you PPT