Thursday, 11 November 2010

69 Dude!

As Bill and Ted would say!

Joking aside Lovibonds, based in Henley-on-Thames are launching their IPA as 69 IPA on Monday 15th November at The Rake.
This is one special beer, an American style IPA at guess what 6.9% abv, personally I can't get enough of it it''s right up there with some of the best American IPA's and if you consider yourself a beer fan it's a must try beer!

Proceedings start at 7pm and you'll be able to meet Jeff Rosenmeier, Jason Stevenson and Pete Brissenden from Lovibonds brewery who will talk you through the beer and why they indeed we, think it's so great!

There will of course be other beers from Lovibonds too including Sour Grapes, Gold Reserve and Dark Reserve as well as the usual favourites Gold, Amber and Dark all on draught. So 7 great reasons to join us on Monday night for a beer or several!

See you there!


Sid Boggle said...

Get your kicks on Route Sixty... errr.. Nine

(I'll get me coat...)

Anonymous said...

I first tried this beer in June and told Jeff he had made the best IPA in the UK. Jeff being Jeff shrugged his shoulders and said 'it needs work'. He was wrong, I was right.

If you get a chance to get hold of this stuff do, its a superb example of a proper US style IPA which stacks up well against anything being produced in the USA today.

Shame I live in Scotland, I'd have been all over that like a fat girl on cake