Saturday, 20 November 2010

21st Amendment Back to Black

In may and June for a couple of weeks I was lucky enough to be in California. Whilst we were there we were also lucky enough to get to 21st Amendment brewpub, one of my favourite places on earth!
My favourite beer there was the Brew Free or Die IPA, but more about that later.
My friends Matt and Karen who run the Evening Star pub in Brighton were recently out in California and New York and they managed to pick me up this on their travels.
Pic from
Back in Black IPA. The first thing you notice is that the art work is amazing.
The second thing is the aroma, lots of liquorice, some orange and mango. Totally black unlike some supposed black ipa's. 
Now, I know some of you will say black ipa's blah blah oxymoron blah blah; Whatever. 21st Amendment have decided to call this a black ipa and I personally think they've done an absolutely amazing job with this beer. It's totally moreish which at a lowly 6.8% abv and a not so lowly 65 IBUs it's a wee bit dangerous but I want more! No, really! Matt and Karen found this in New York apparently, if you're in NYC any time soon, bring me back a couple, I'll sort you out for them! I love this beer!
Dredge would FABPOW this, I'm just gonna say I will happily SMILE for this beer and those who know me will say what a big deal that is! 
Brew Free or Die Next....


Leigh said...

Man - that's one sexy-ass looking can..

rabidbarfly said...

innit? fecking cool!

Mark said...

How I would love a trip to the 21A, that can looks awesome. Imagine seeing that on the shelf at Tesco.


rabidbarfly said...

I imagine that every day Mark and it makes me weep a little every time.