Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Live Blog From Bacchus, Newcastle

Tucked away on an innocuous side street is one on Newcastle's coolest bars, Bacchus. Given that the bar has continental beers, eight hand pumps and lots of spirits front and centre, it's an odd name for a bar. The wine is almost hidden at the back of the bar.
There seems to be a large range of whiskies from the USA and Scotland and the hand pumps are taken up with some great beers from the Fyne Brewery from Argyll. I am drinking the Hurricane Jack, a lovely light beer with a  tonne of Lychees on the nose and superb, thirst quenching bitterness that leaves you wanting more.

Andy Hickson, Manager, Bacchus
Picture from ChronicleLive.co.uk
Manager Andy Hickson is a very cordial host, the first time we came in was last night and he was behind the bar and whilst taking the time to talk to us he was serving customers, always keeping an eye out for them at the bar.
He's passionate about what he does too, the bar does beer and food matching dinners that are very popular when they're held.
Whilst Jeff and I were telling him about twissups and how we'd like to end up here with a beer dinner on the Saturday night it was clear that he was thinking about the logistics of doing this with a busy Saturday Newcastle night, very affable fella.
He's just given me a tip for a day trip I want to do tomorrow, after all, can't sit around pubs in Newcastle all week, cam I? Well probably but it'll be nice to get off my arse and do some exploring this week, after all, I have time on my hands and money in my pocket(for now).
Back to Bacchus, here I am listening to some local office bods talk footie and the possibility of AFC Wimbledon vs The Scum that Shall Not Be Named and thinking it's 'well funny' think not chaps but I'm in a strange town and I'm not about to get into an argument!
The food looks good, I don't have time to eat here this afternoon but I intend to return in a couple of days foir lunch, after all, who else is going to drink all this great beer?
Until later then!


BeerReviewsAndy said...

Nice one fella, i've can't wait for a twissup in Newcastle, like i keep saying to Jeff!

i've heard many a good thing about the tastings in bacchus too....i really miss working in newcastle...well not so much the work more the drinking.

Bob said...

I went into Bacchus a couple of times when I was up earlier in the year for a stag weekend. Both late on the Friday night and at peak time on the Saturday we were made to feel welcome, with the staff taking the time to chat about their beer and other places in the town to get beer. The selection of beer was excellent, a top place that I hope to get back to again at some point.

Anonymous said...
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