Sunday, 12 December 2010

Weasel Beer at The Florence

Just been for lunch at a friends house in Herne Hill, popped into The Florence Brew pub on the way back home as it's right next to the bus stop.
Now last time I went in I went specifically looking for the beer that they brew on site and I was very disappointed that they didn't have any.
This time they did and it's great! The beer is light in colour, really floral on the nose with hints of elderflower and the taste has an initial bitterness from the Cascade and Bobek hops they used but the end is slightly sweet which I wasn't overly enamoured with. HOWEVER whilst I'm a big hop-head it's extremely moreish and I would have happily had another couple of pints!
The question was asked of they'd used weasel coffee whilst making it but the name is all about the hoppiness aparently! The Weasel hops around as their wardance and that's where they got it from.
Message for the guys and girls at The Florence : Love the pub, love the beer, work needed for the beer names!


Mark said...

We went to the Florence a couple of weeks ago and were disappointed that they didn't have their own beer on. It was slightly made up for by the fact that they were brewing it when we arrived and so the pub smelt amazing. I liked the pub a lot and I'll definitely make the effort to get down there more often.

Ghost Drinker said...

Not to be confused with anything like Mikkellers weasel beer then!

Rabidbarfly said...

@Mark - there are few things better in life tha n walking into a brewpub and smelling the wort on the go!
Ghost - Definately nothing like the weasel beer from Mikkeller!