Thursday, 19 April 2012

Have You Seen This Van

Ok, as some of you will know, yesterday, Brodies Brewery had their delivery van stolen.

Stolen, with The Rake's order on board.

So, if any of you happen to see this van around London today, and with all the Brodies branding on the sides, it's not hard to miss, please inform the police. Breweries in Britain have a hard enough time as it is without mindless idiots stealing their property as well!


Cooking Lager said...

I might of saw it in a traffic jam in Turin. It had been repainted. It seemed weighed down as if containing a quantity of a heavy metal. The song "The Self Preservation Society" was blaring out of it.

Professor Pie-Tin said...

Er Glyn old cock, what have you done ?
You've brought back THAT photo, mucked about with the design of your blog to such an extent that it's almost unreadable(geysish white on black is not a good choice for a typecase colour)and the hops background detracts rather than improves everything.Keep it simple you numpty.
Anyway, rant over, did you ever do the Man v Beer challenge ?
There's no shame in failure old bean !

I was going to send this as a private email but, of course, on your newly designed blog the address is impossible to find.
I shall be in the Rake soon and will expect a vomit-by-vomit debrief if you don't want to write about it on here.

Professor Pie-Tin said...

PPS: You're not alone.
Pete Brown's blog is equally as bad - piling on the poncey artwork when really all you need is clarity.
Boak and Bailey, The Beer Nut and Tandleman are great examples of how to keep blogs readable.

Christ, I sound a miserable git I know but I'm on the wagon for a week or two and this is what happens.

Private Poontang said...

More importantly I suppose, was the Brodies beer van ever found ?

Cuthbert Rizla said...

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Lostmyringtopaddypower said...

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" I'm finished love " he says,pulling on his trousers, " I took a dump in your handbag a couple of hours ago.Here's the £500 I owe you. "

Wahaay ! said...

Glyn, I'm worried about your lack of activity.
It seems to be encouraging all sorts of poltroons and ne'er-do-wells to post terrible jokes.
Get your act together old cock.