Friday, 13 November 2009

Cause of Many a Hangover

I had just completed the most horrible task a pub manager can complete last night and needed something to sooth me, calm me and get rid of the gag reflex I was experiencing.
And here it is, the cause of many a hangover, certainly the reason for the current one that does not seem to be abating at all!
Goose Island IPA, this is probably my favourite IPA at the moment, it has a lovely fruity nose with hop on the nose that belies the hop on the palate. On the nose it's barely there, in the mouth the party starts and it stays on the palate partying on into the night with the hops and citrus fruitiness combining to leave me wanting another sip, then another, then 5.9% abv it's one that needs to be treated with respect because it is far too easy to drink.
I can heartily recommend this as a starting point for those who want to try something a bit more bitter.
Oh and for those of who want to know, I was cleaning the Gents toilets after some asshole(pardon the pun) had shit all over the walls and the bowl. On that Lovely note, I leave you.


Sid Boggle said...

I suppose people don't realise how glamorous it is working at London's finest beer bar...

Rabidbarfly said...

never ends, the glamour that is.