Thursday, 5 November 2009

I'm staying in!

I hate firework night, celebrating a bunch of terrorists is not my idea of fun. How many young people today do you actually think know the story behind what they are doing this evening? I'm gonna hazard a guess, NOT MANY.
This evening, I am at home, in Hackney, where presumably it's fireworks going off outside, not gunfire but you never know, there are so many stupid people in this borough.
All the doors in the house are closed and yet I can smell firework smoke all over the house! yuk.
I wonder how many people will suffer burns from fireworks this year? I wonder how many irresponsible shop owners have sold fireworks illeagally to kids this year?
They are probably the same retailers who sell beers to kids and alcoholics too.
I also wonder how many of those retailers will be reported and prosecuted? I'll hazard another guess at NOT MANY!
Not much I can do about it other than report anything I see and hope that the relevant authorities do their jobs. Oh and moan like an old bastard in my blog, sounding not unlike Victor Meldrew!
Guess I'll just stay in, drink some good beer and enjoy whatever shit telly I can find!
By the way, the beers this evening are Great Divide, Titan IPA and Odells St Lupulin.

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Sid Boggle said...

True - what happened to 'Penny For The Guy'? Small boys, dressing the youngest up and pretending he's a dummy? Old prams, bruised knees, isn't it? Kickabout in the park, jumpers for goalposts? Enduring image... 8-)

I think the 5th celebrates the execution of the leader of your 'terrorists', not what they tried to do. That's why they used to burn 'Guy' - does that still happen? Probably not in PC Britain.