Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Zombie Nation

Ever wondered how Zombie movies became so popular? After all they essentially involve brain-dead beings, moving stupidly slowly and eating people to spread the zombie ranks. In recent years films like 28 Days Later gave us a more chilling Zombie, one that runs and screams and is generally more frightening for the film going public. Totally unbelievable in my opinion. Why? Just look around you, they're everywhere, society has been full of them for some time now, you will notice it if you look up from your iphone 4 or Crackberry for one second, take a look in the mirror, have you grown jaundiced with the lack of light you're getting? do you have a diet that consists of reconstituted crap?
Protect your outer-Zombie

Honestly, how many people a day do you almost bump into because they are looking at their iphone screen or you are? Honestly now!
I think it's quite ridiculous that we have become so dependant on these gadgets, I'm sick of having to dodge the Zombie Generation that is infecting our society.
Any chance anyone wants to actually look up at the world, see where they're going and maybe have some appreciation of the world around them.
The other hand had his iphone in it.
I saw on the news that there was a recent study by Australian police had shown that the amount of accidents in three days involving people not paying attention to the road or the pavement etc...They're calling it 'ipod oblivion' it could just and well be iphone oblivion. In road accidents in the central business district of Melbourne, 90% were caused by pedestrians!
Now I'm not saying that the British are that stupid...well, actually I am but it's not undeserved. Now I don't own an iphone or ipod, I used to have a small ipod which was mugged off me in posh Dulwich Village when I worked there but I never felt at ease using it, you see it's a control thing, I feel a lot safer if I can hear everything going on around me.

I'm not only blaming technology for the 'Zombie effect' look at the amount of free magazines and papers  that are handed out around our transport hubs, papers like The Metro, The Evening Standard, City AM etc...Time was when people used to buy their papers from the local corner shop and read them on the bus or the train etc.. on the way to work, now, instead of looking where they're going they keep reading it on foot!
I could probably forgive the producers of these rags a bit more if we knew that these so-called free papers were getting recycled but how many do you see just left lying around in the street or on buses and trains.

Lets also just take into account the lack of queueing that goes on at bus shelters. Instead of the old fashioned British queue people now try and get onto the bus as soon as possible but end up moving really slowly, like old fashioned Zombies. It's quite amusing really, next time you're at the bus stop or waiting for a tube or train during the rush hour, have a look around you.

Ok, not a beery post but something I've been noticing more and more recently and I wanted to have a rant.


The Pub Diaries said...

Now I was going to point out that the iPhone and other zombitronic devices are ideal to block the banal as you are waiting for a bus or block out conversation about mooning the Dalai Lama (overheard in the Rake... Why you allow anyone from Clapham in is beyond me). I was however contemplating this while reading my iPhone and listening to music in the lift. I was tapped on the shoulder by someone paying attention and pointing that I was at my floor. Letting out zombie grunt of thanks I launched into the now closing doors which repeatedly tried to close on my arm to the sound of my cursing zombie howl.... This I think proves your point. Stationary zombism for me from now on.

Rabidbarfly said...

That's brilliant, cheers for the comment, made me giggle.

Cooking Lager said...

Whatever. Got WiFi in your pub so I play with my gadgets and not have to talk to any of your punters?

Rabidbarfly said...

Unfortunately not Cookie, you may have to try and talk to some people! Not sure we'll understand yer accent though! ;-p

Mark said...

The bus stop thing annoys the hell out of me. Wait for ages, only to have someone run past you and jump on the bus first when it shows up!