Friday 5 November 2010

All Hail Boggle!

The new Wikio rankings are out and unbelievably my mate Sid Boggle has risen 39 places to overtake the seemingly unmovable blog mountain that is Pete Brown from the no.1 spot!
We celebrated this achievement at The Rake yesterday by giving a free pint to one of our customers who came to the bar and shouted the phrase 'All Hail Boggle', we had put it up on Facebook and Twitter and it was a great bit of fun for our festival as well as a way to celebrate the big mans achievement.
Now, it should be said that whilst Sid writes some great stuff about beer, the posts that got him the rise weren't about beery stuff they were about Frank Sidebottom, a subject that I know means a great deal to the Boggle.
So, should it be allowed? well that's the beauty of blogging, you CAN have a blog that is about one subject most of the time and from time to time stick another subject in there. If you get more hits because of one, so be it. It shakes things up after all.
Oh and it should be noted that there are a whole THREE wine blogs in the top twenty and yet Wikio are still calling it the Wine and Beer Ranking?
The mind Boggles.


Leigh said...

It's all good! The Wikio ranking's dont really mean anything, and I love that they can be subverted like this. Kind of like when Rage Against The Machine got to #1! shit, does that mean that Wikio is just 'blogging x-factor?'....maybe! All hail Boggle!!

Sid Boggle said...

Thanks Glyn and Leigh. I'm going to have to buy you beers later, aren't I?

Mark said...

Congrats Sid. Who and/or what is Frank Sidebottom?

*Goes off to boggles blog to find out*


Tandleman said...

That's what I was wondering.

Sid Boggle said...

Can't believe you've never heard of him, Tandle