Monday, 18 April 2011


I hate that I have resorted to desperate FABPOW's for this blog. I've been trying to write something a lot more hard hitting but this'll have to do so here it is....

Pork Kebabs w/Home made BBQ sauce and Home Made Coleslaw (Beer Kernel Black IPA, 1st edition).

The Pork kebabs were bought from Sainsburys (4 in a box) get 2 boxes for £5. They came with a horrible looking BBQ sauce that I wasn't ever going to use so I decided to make my own.
left, home made BBQ, right, nasty sainsburys rubbish

The BBQ Sauce was made with Ketchup, Reggae Reggae Sauce, Olive Oil with Cajun, BBQ and Jamaican Jerk spices.
I cooked the pork as per the instructions, 25 mins at 190, after 20 mins I put my BBQ sauce on.
My home made coleslaw is made from grated apple & carrot, chopped up celery and spring onion and mayonnaise.

The Beer? Kernel Black IPA of course, you all know about it and you all know about my new passion for IPA's with spicy food!

This was tasty, a true FABPOW! (I hate myself for using this phrase).

Now maybe I can get on with actually writing something people will want to read!


Chunk said...
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Mark said...

Forget what I want to read, I've just had dinner but that's still something I want to EAT!

rabidbarfly said...

It was extremely good!

Mark Dredge said...

FABPOW! Embrace it Glyn! This sounds damn good.

As for "Now maybe I can get on with actually writing something people will want to read!" - it's about time you started ;)

rabidbarfly said...

cheeky bastard.