Sunday, 3 April 2011

10 Things I Love About Beer

I want one of these for my collection

1) That I sell great beer.

2) Great beer is on the increase.

3) There is a growing 'craft beer' community in London.

4) There are so many different styles of beer.

5) I regularly get to help brew great beer.

6) Anyone can make beer.

7) I get to write about beer through this 'noisesome' blog.

8) It's only made from 4 ingredients.

9) One of the ingredients is Hops.

10) I have made lifelong friends because of beer.

Pic by another mate, Sid Boggle.
What do you love about Beer?


scott murray said...

Liked these 10 things about beer you got here, have some of my favoirate for both good and bad in these. Met so many great people through beer, but not looking forward to the inevitable belly ha.

Rabidbarfly said...

cheers for the comment Scott, the more you get around in the industry the more great people you meet, I totally agree. And the great far outweigh the knobbers.

Rob said...

A cool list. I love the fact beer is so immensely diverse. Style hybrids, blends, oak aging and crazy ingredients keep the scene fresh and in a constant state of evolution. That's what I would add.

Rabidbarfly said...

brilliant answer Rob, cheers!

Rick Furzer said...

Nice work fella. A couple more from me:

1. It matches with all types food better than any other drink because of the sheer range of flavours that can be found across all the different styles.

2. You can make whisky out of it (if you distil weak beer).

Rabidbarfly said...

Rick, agreed (apart from the fact I don't like whisky). Did try the Bitch Please eventually and my my that was a good beer!

Rabidbarfly said...

I need to add an 11th. Collaboration.