Sunday 3 April 2011

10 Things I Hate About Beer!

1) It's not free.

2) It's ticked.

3) Too many restaurants are still matching wine NOT beer with their menus.

4) It spawns 'noisesome' drivel like this.

5) There are such things as 'beer snobs'

6) I am a 'beer snob'

7) It gives you a hangover if you drink too much.

8) There are still arguments over methods of dispense.

9) I still partake in said arguments over method of dispense.

10) It's given me a beer belly and I'm too lazy to get rid of it.
This is NOT me....Yet.

What do you hate about beer?


dredpenguin said...

Must agree with most of these, don't hate tickers as much as you do, and don't consider myself a beer snob...but probably am.

The one that annoys me most is the lack of beer lists in decent restaurants.

rabidbarfly said...

I don't hate tickers, on days like today though we become a captive audience in Borough and it's a bit wearisome sometimes.
Mason & Taylor has a great beer list, worth a visit!

dredpenguin said...

Aye the White Horse matches beer and food well too...but they are few and far between.

We need to convince a big celeb chef to start going on about beer and food matching, or put on a high profile tasting menu matched with beers.