Wednesday 20 April 2011

In My Manor : Take 2

Chilled music greet me as I wander into the Manor Arms in Streatham, the newly refurbed pub is open and I'm after a cold beer on a hot day!
There's no-one else in the pub but then it is only 12.30pm, perfection for me anyway, I like having the place to myself!
The barman was busy cleaning when I walked up to the bar and the snapping closed of my sunnies are all he needs to alert him to my presence(told ya it was quiet).
I ordered an Anchor Liberty, I knew this would become my go-to drink whenever I come in here, it reminds me of being back in San Francisco, especially with weather like this! It's the most consistent of the Anchor range and it's damn fine beer!
The garden patio is decked out with lots of antique cream furniture which is more comfortable than it looks! I imagine when we get lots of hot, steamy evening, this patio will be one of the busiest places in Streatham and quite right too, there are some houses just across the road though, so not sure what time it'll have to close in the evenings.
With the smell of the very nice food being prepped in the large open kitchen, this place is really inviting and I for one will definately be back. Love it.

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