Friday 2 December 2011

Guild Dinner 2011

I had quite a nice evening in the end last last. I was persuaded to attend the British Guild of Beer Writers annual dinner by a mate and beery fun was had all round.
There was the good, the better and the extraordinary of the beer world all stuck in one rather large room.

With me.


Whilst I was 'interested' in most of the awards, I was most interested in the first one, partly because I think I was the first to suggest the recipient of the Brewer of the Year Award. Evin O'Riordan. As it happened Guild Chairman, Tim Hampson very graciously informed me that he used the couple of paragraphs I sent in the email recommending Evin, I'm proud as punch for Evin, I have helped brew at The Kernel Brewery twice now and it's a great day full of collaboration and hard work. Here is an article about the evening, see paragraphs 8 and 9(on brewer of the year) for my contribution, every word meant then and still mean as much today, I'm very grateful to Tim for using my words actually, it gives me a minuscule sense of achievement even though I didn't put anything forward for any of the categories.

Well done Evin, Ben, Marverine, Mark, Des, Glynn, ATJ, Gavin, Martyn, Pete, Chunk and Will (in no particular order in case you all start squabbling like the divas you are!).

Oh and the food weren't half bad either!.

Best beer of the evening - first one, something by Sharps, I forget what, some new IPA Stuart has concocted. Worst - sorry Thwaites - Lancaster Bomber, average in every way.

Good time had, now hopefully all these posh writers will start writing about Tap East! ;) You know you want to peeps.

Maybe next year i'll actually write something half decent and enter it.


Baron Orm said...

Nice writeup mate, glad the words pulled some weight!

I'm not sure what Thwaites were thinking of with putting forward bomber, their new Porter, IPA and Old Dan are all lovely but bomber is very average! :(

UnfriendlyGhost said...

Great to see Evin winning, made my morning :)

rabidbarfly said...

cheers for the comments guys.

Kristy said...

It was a Honey Spice IPA from Sharp's and delicious too!

Good to see you, see you on stage collecting a tankard!

Kristy said...

Next year I meant to say.

Must still have the Vitesse Noir effect.......

Tandleman said...

In fairness to Thwaites, the Wainwright's was pretty good and there was bottled Porter and Old Dan.

I didn't try the Bomber. Not my sort of beer. They should have brought Nutty Black, but maybe that wouldn't have been good re-racked.