Saturday 24 December 2011

Rabid's 2011 Quiz!

In a shameless effort to get more hits on the site, here's a 10 question quiz all based on posts I have published this calendar year. Now, you can do one of three things....
Firstly, trawl through all the posts and find the correct answers. Secondly you could just make up any old bollocks or thirdly, not take part and be a Christmas grinch!

The winners will win prizes, I do after all, have a lot of beer at home! There are two prizes - First prize goes to correct answers(picked at random), and the runner up prize goes to the most creative load of old tosh(also picked at random) that you can be bothered to make up!
Answer in the comments box! All judgements are final as it's my blog, so nuurrr.

Question One.
What was the highest number in units of alcohol I consumed in January?
Question Two.
Who is the British Guild of Beer Writers, Writer of the Year?
Question Three.
On what date was International IPA day?
Question Four.
The session #52 was based on beery collectibles, what is beery stuff do I collect?
Question Five.
Which celebrity's name did I suggest Chunk use to help him get more hits on his blog?
Question Six.
How many hours were there until opening Tap East when I posted my 'still to do list' in September?
Question Seven.
What is the name of the brewery in Mexico that brewed a beer specifically aimed at the Gay community?
Question Eight.
What was my April fools joke?
Question Nine.
What were the 'Tramp Juice Trio?
Question Ten.
In my IPA a Day series, which beer was number nine?

Good luck if you choose to take part in this bit of silliness, and remember it is just a bit of silliness.....
Winner will be announced before the new year!

Have a fantastic Christmas folks!


Ian Cann said...



2 Ben McFarlane

3) August 4 2011

4)Baseball caps

5) Justin Bieber

6) 27 hours

7) The Minerva Brewery

8)Quitting the Rake and going teetotal

9)Tennants Super and Carlsberg Special Brew!and Brewgod Avery Brown Dredge.

10)Epic Hop Zombie

Unknown said...

1 - 4,923,667. While you were sleeping I gave you a total blood replacement transfusion. You spent fifteen days with a circulatory system consisting entirely of lupulin juice. And Sugar Puffs.


3 - It was on the eleventy of No-One Gives A Fuckty.

4 - You collect the naval lint and pubic hair that tickers leave in the urinals of Tap East

5 - Yootha Joyce

6 - Minus 44. You used the Time Machine on the second floor at Westfield to travel back in time and post it.

7 - Bandito Fundillo

8 - That Tap East would open on time.

9 - The backing band to Johnny "No Lips" Alopecia.

10 - Great Massive's "Total Mindfuckingly Awesomely Over-Rated Doubel Triple IPA With Cranberry, H1N1 Virus and Otter Foetus"

Send me a pack of gum as a prize and I'll teach you how to chew it.

Happy Christmas, you taffy Womble ;-)