Friday 9 March 2012

Beery Merchandise!

So a few weeks ago I saw a tweet from Tiny Rebel Brewing co asking people to guess the outcome of the Wales vs England 6 Nations match(no way was it a try by the way).

Tiny Rebel are Wales' newest brewery and I have to say they are making some rather large waves for people that until recently were brewing in their garage! Their Urban IPA is particularly impressive!

Anyway the prize was Tiny Rebel t-shirt sure enough today not one but two t-shirts arrived in the post!

Photo number one is the red t-shirt, now red's not really my colour but this one is different because it's educational n'all that. See it has the ingredients of beer on it!

Picture number two, the black t-shirt, not as educational but with the Tiny Rebel logo emblazoned upon it, still fecking cool!

You can follow the Tiny Rebel guys on Twitter @tinyrebelbrewco or @tinyrebelGAZZ or @tinyrebelBRAD.

I'm going off to Newport in May to brew with Wales newest brewery and then they'll have a tap takeover in the Rake approximately 6 weeks later!

The date for your diary is Sunday 17th June (fathers day), what better way to celebrate with your old man than to bring him to The Rake for a pint or two!

More details will follow on The Rake's blog etc.. but until then I'm going to enjoy wearing my winnings!


Cooking Lager said...

cool. free stuff, yeh.

Is there a way of getting breweries to do underpants & socks asw ell as t shirts?

t shirts are cool but should be encouraging them to widen the range so beery scroungers like us never have to buy any clobber at all.

rabidbarfly said...

I'll mention it to them, maybe next time you see me I'll be head to toe in Tiny Rebel getup!

Unknown said...

Something good from Newport? Pull the other one.

Hamden Movers said...

Appreciate you blogging thiis