Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Man V. Beer series?

So I'm being inspired by the Man v. Food television program to do something similar with beer. So what formats do I need to go with?

Most IBUs in a beer?

Sourest Lambic?

Hoppiest IPA?

Most extreme ingredients?

The most tasteless shit lager I have to force down my throat?

Why not all of them? If you have a challenge you want to see me attempt let me know. If there's anyone that wants to film me doing it let me know, who knows it might even be fun!

What could possibly go wrong?


Ghost Drinker said...

Most styles added to a beer name e.g.: Double Black Belgian Rye IPA

Most Oxymoronic beer that actually works

Strongest beer without being crap

rabidbarfly said...

Liking them!

Sid Boggle said...

I'd have said all of them to give that dead tongue of yours a workout ;-)

rabidbarfly said...

the aim, Boggle, is to kill the tongue as quickly as possible so I don't to drink all them expensive craft beers anymore! ;)

rabidbarfly said...

100 units in a day is ON the list!

Cooking Lager said...

How much money do you have for lawyers to battle the wrath of your soon to be many detractors, from the police, local licensing, local press, national press when you start this "responsible" drink related challenge?

rabidbarfly said...

Yeah, I'm sure they'll all be interested in little old me!

Brother Logic said...

Drink a pint of hop extract. That should kill you and your palate pretty quick.

Professor Pie-Tin said...

This obsession with hops has put more people off drinking decent beer than decades of beardy beery twats in sandals.
I don't want to taste so many hops in a beer that I turn bright red,sweat profusely and have a full-on allergy attack with just one swig as happened to me recently in New York.
Instead of having a dick-waving contest why don't craft brewers use a bit of subtlety along with the sackfuls of hops ?
Harrumph !